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Why would we offer this?
The only way we could feel comfortable and confident in being able to offer this exclusive program is after years of perfecting the most productive marketing plan on the planet. We are so confident in iur current plan that it NEVER varies.

One of the biggest dilemmas when selling a home is deciding whether to hire a real estate agent or try to sell it yourself. Hiring the wrong real estate agent is risky because your home could end up sitting on the market for a long time without an acceptable offer or you could be forced to sell and compromise your bottom line. You could even end up owning two homes or none at all!! Well, our Guaranteed Sale Program solves this dilemma.

Is this real?
Our approach to selling a home is not your passive, traditional marketing. Instead we have created our 137 Steps to Selling Your Home, which includes phone prospecting, social media, lots of video, and many other online techniques to engage buyers to look at your home and to ensure you get to the closing table. It has been proven to be the most effective marketing plan in this type of market.

We could only feel confident enough to offer this program after years of trial and error realizing what worked and didn't work in marketing homes. After selling hundreds and hundreds of homes and getting to the point where we can honestly say that we spend thousands upon thousands of $$$$ dollars in advertising and marketing for our clients, we can guarantee that our marketing plan works.

How does the Guaranteed Sale Program work?
When you list your home with our team, you may receive our written guarantee that we will sell your present home at a price acceptable to you or we will buy it. Obviously, there are limitations and this program is not available for all homes. Unlike the typical investor, my goal is NOT to own your home, but to sell it for the most money the market will bear.

The reason we offer this program is to make sure we all have the exact same expectations BEFORE we start marketing your home. We will begin to market the home to buyers at its full market value and if it sells you get the benefit of the higher price. It's a win-win for you... If the market receives your home at any price higher than the guaranteed price we agree on, you get the benefit of the higher price.

This means when you see a home that you like, you can immediately place an offer on it. Also, if you are not completely satisfied with our customer service or marketing efforts, then you can cancel the listing and pay nothing. No matter what happens, you know the absolute bottom line you will receive.

If you would like more information about the specific rules regarding our Guaranteed Sale Program you can download a copy of the rules by clicking here.

Do I have to do the Guaranteed Sale Program?
NO, this program is not for everyone. In fact, most of our home sellers choose our equally awesome Hassle-Free Listing Program, but do want to know what the guaranteed price would be.

What is my guaranteed price?
This is the most asked question we get. Once we complete a thorough on-site examination of your home we will perform a detailed market analysis and lay the entire pricing structure / suggestion out BEFORE we start marketing your home.

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