Buyer Closing Costs

    CLOSING COSTS SUMMARY Mortgage Closing Costs in Birmingham

     Mortgage Origination Fees  1% of Value of Loan
     Mortgage Administrative Fees  $500 and up
     Appraisal Fee  $450 Typically Paid Upfront to Lender
     Termite Inspection / Wood Infestation  $150 – $200
     Mortgage Tax  $1.50 per Thousand Dollars of Mortgage
     Mortgage Recording Fee  $4.50 (1st Pg) $2.50 Each Add’l
     Deed Tax  $1.00 Per Thousand
     Deed Recording  $4.50 (1st Pg) $2.50 Each Add’l
     1/2 Title Insurance / Search  Purchase Price x .00355
     1/2 Attorney Fee  $350
     Home Inspection  $300 to $500
     Septic Tank Inspection / Cleaning  $350 to $400
     Prorated HOA Dues  Based on Actual Amounts Paid by Seller

    *Costs can change and vary from transaction to transaction. All information contained herein is subject to errors, omissions and changes in facts or circumstances. Always consult your Attorney and/or Tax Advisor before signing a real estate sales contract.


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