The Real Estate Happy Hour Show - Episode 60

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Spring has arrived and so has The Real Estate Happy Hour Happy Hour Show. On today’s show Collier Swecker & David Arnette are talking about the 7 Reasons Your House is Sitting on the Market Even in a Hot Real Estate Market, What You Need to Know About Shopping For a Mortgage, and an Interest Rate Update! Join us every Thursday at 4pm for the live show on Facebook Live or watch or listen to the Real Estate Happy Hour on replay or listen to the podcast that can be found on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify, and Tunein Radio.

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Collier: All right it’s four o’clock on Thursday! It’s time for the Real Estate Happy Hour Show!
David: We’re back again, like every week and we got a little Eric Clapton (inaudible)!
Collier: Get old school Layla.
David: Yeah man! I had a story, I did get a little bit of trouble as a youngster one day, I picked up a base guitar, I went out man, with a buddy at college. He plays, he played the guitar I thought it was so cool.
Collier: That he could play.
David: That he was playing the guitar, well man I’ll just get a base and play together, this could be.
Collier: Epic!
David: Awesome! Right? Beautiful right? Well, I’m not super musically inclined except for my angelic voice.
Collier: (Laughter).
David: That sounds like Eddie Vedder, but other than that.
Collier: Those are big shoes.
David: The play on the base guitar was not my strength and this Layla song was one of the first base lines I learned.
Collier: Is it just easy.
David: And I was, I just played it over and over.
Collier: No matter what song, it was Layla.
David: And over so anyway, that’s a good story.
Collier: Well, that is crazy man! So, how’s your week been doing?
David: My week’s been crazy busy and it’s a good thing, you know we’ve got to, lot of loans coming in right now, lot of people looking.
Collier: Not now, almost all purchases I presume.
David: Yeah, yeah, a lot of purchases I haven’t even really had time to get you know to follow up to a lot of refinances, which I like to do.
Collier: Which well, now what about the media is talking about here goes raise, again, they’re rising again, but we hit the rising from and it’s not bad right?
David: Yeah, I mean we’re gonna get to, but in 30 years around 4.14 an average, a 15-year 3.6, so we are not moving anywhere fast (inaudible).
Collier: Hey, you say 30-year what?
David: Four point one four on average, so you know rates are still down I think they’re gonna be down for the balance of this year, at least and then you know it all depends on how the economy is doing and really how inflation is doing, that’s what the Fed’s gonna try to get ahead of.
Collier: And they’re trying to say that they’re gonna stop inflate, well keep inflation where it is.
David: Yeah.
Collier: I shouldn’t say stop, that would be incorrect term, talk, talk about the quality of the apple county getting now, are you seeing? That we’re getting a lot of qualified folks out there buying.
David: Yeah, I think right now on average there’s a lot of you know, I’d say at least 60 percent or good to qualify 67, I still got a few that might need a little time to work on some credit and if you know those couple of things. I find myself telling everybody which is you know, credit cards you have maybe a couple, maybe one or two.
Collier: Oh, I’ve seen folks without credit cards, they have gone completely Dave Ramsay and.
David: Yeah well, not, not Dave Ramsay positive, I have seen people without credit cards and all they got are negative like collection accounts.
Collier: (Inaudible).
David: Yeah, they’ve got payments, they got negative items and that’s a tough thing and you know I think Capital One has a good rebuilding credit, credit card, ok? So, if you go to and look of, you click on the credit cards and you’ll have the types, one of the most let’s say rebuilding credit cards, I mean yeah and rebuilding credit.
Collier: It’s not made out of Legos and.
David: And you have to, you have to get it like, I guess depending on your credit score and getting like a deposit of 49 dollars, 99 dollars, something like that and you get a couple hundred bucks credit limit.
Collier: So, they give you a little bit more than you put down.
David: Yeah and that will report to your credit report, that reports to the credit bureaus, so you know I’ve seen a lot of times people will have a little bit of that credit, yes, we are looking for some people, we are.
Collier: What? Receptionist?
David: Yeah, looking for a receptionist (inaudible).
Collier: She’s getting married.
David: Yeah, yeah, she’s bailing on us already.
Collier: Man, she is a good candy if you ever buy the Mortgage Bank Office, man you’ll give away, you’ll give away real candy. None of them likes, yes, hey let me give you a minute, you’ll get like recess cups, I think I saw Kit Kat man.
David: Yeah!
Collier: That is worth the price of admission.
David: That is the real deal, so yeah or also got some positions with loan officer assistants or type positions.
Collier: You got experience on these positions; you know.
David: That depends.
Collier: You have to have it; you have to have Mortgage Experience.
David: No, no you do not.
Collier: So, don’t be afraid, call him they pay well.
David: Yeah, so come see us, check it out.
Collier: (Inaudible), is an incredible guy by the way, just so everybody knows, these guys and I’m not just taking horns ‘cause you’re sitting here.
David: (Inaudible), little off.
Collier: A little loft?
David: It’s not like silent (inaudible), little loft.
Collier: Right, she is the phenomenal, client care guru over the mag (inaudible), team, no but you guys win year after year, best company award for Birmingham and that’s because everybody is just cool.
David: Yeah, that’s cause I’m still here, I’ve been here for fifteen years and (inaudible).
Collier: Let’s say your house is this industry.
David: But, that’s why so many people stay because that makes it fun, been on a (inaudible), lots being here.
Collier: Oh yeah absolutely! He and his hot playlist upstairs.
David: That’s right.
Collier: So anyway, moving on, talk we just briefly touch on the inter trades, tell me a little bit about that.
David: Yeah man, I wanted to talk about mortgage shopping okay so, we hear this all the time so it’s a good idea to shop, but the problem with this industry is a lot of people don’t know what they’re doing when they’re shopping and I’m gonna make it real easy for you, if you’re looking at inter trades. The fees, the problem is people stop on the rate and they don’t, so let’s say for example you’re, you wanna get pre-qualified today right? So, you call ring ring, hey I give you 3.875, okay great, then you go out there and shop.
Collier: And that’s the only thing you’re shopping because.
David: That’s the only thing you know right now.
Collier: That’s the only metric.
David: That’s the only thing you know.
Collier: Okay.
David: You just left of or you got on phone 3.75.
Collier: Okay.
David: And you go look for houses then you get back, you haven’t asked enough questions about the fees, what am I paying to get that rate? What does the total package look like does this make good (inaudible), me or you’re just selling me a rate? Okay, I’m gonna say that, I’d say that 1 or 2 out of 10 people for excellent credit with, there’s Tammy Holland.
Collier: Hey Tammy.
David: One or two out of 10 are actually credit easy deals, right? Any loan officer in the business could close that loan, but the other 8 or 9 people, well other 8 people let’s say need help, they need a professional that can navigate the process that can figure out your deal, put it together, structure the right way, you know look out for your finances.
Collier: ‘Cause what are you seeing is happening when these guys are going out and they’re comparing and they’re calling you going hey, I got 2.25 on a 30-year fix from mortgage company, what is your reaction when you hear that?
David: Well it’s, there’s always something behind the rate because not all mortgage companies price deals out the same way, they don’t structure their estimates the same way so you gotta dive into that rate, how much money am I bringing for closing that rate? Another thing a lot of people mistake are the pre-pay at taxes and insurances, that is a guess estimate all right? Don’t take your monthly payment (inaudible), you know the pre-paid item with this guy is cheaper, would.
Collier: Yeah.
David: The mortgage lender doesn’t determine your taxes insurance.
Collier: You know when you’re shopping the best thing you can do, I tell all of my clients and you know Tammy is here, I bet she does it, hey give up the other estimate you got from somebody else, so the other guy can beat him why? Because the property taxes are different right? You’re guess estimating.
David: Yeah.
Collier: They’re guess estimating, but the trick is these guys are guess estimating to the low side to make sure.
David: To make it look good.
Collier: Yeah, ‘cause they know that you’re gonna be honest and they’re not.
David: Yeah, do your homework I mean, I’ve got more seller reviews than any other lender in Birmingham, any other individual loan officer okay? Mortgage right.
Collier: I’m impressed.
David: Over 200, but that’s their whole company, mine is just me.
Collier: Sound to be mortgage wrong on seller reviews.
David: That’s true, so I would just say you gotta really dig in the 80 percent of the people need a professional to help them, when they need somebody that knows what they’re doing. Look, it’s not simple to know especially now, let me tell you something, right now it is busy, there are appraisers, attorneys, realtors, home inspection, you got all this people to get involved, every single one of them are busy and if you don’t have somebody that can navigate the process and make sure (inaudible).
Collier: I know some.
David: Make sure the ball doesn’t get dropped, I heard a couple of these situations just today, have a closing next week that hadn’t been scheduled by the listing agent, I mean look, if we’re not following up on it who is gonna take care of it?
Collier: You’re right, the other thing you know you mentioned 2 out of 10, right? Are gonna qualify to get the loan?
David: (Inaudible), yeah 2 out of 10 are simple.
Collier: But hold on they got a rocket, oh well not the rocket, the (inaudible), with the rocket ship and they go to one with the stage coach, they may not close, they may not qualify, they fully should get that loan.
David: Absolutely, but you know even then they can still get dropped, the ball gets dropped somewhere you know, then you’re sitting on a moving truck, the kids are upset.
Collier: Yeah.
David: Because you got to spend the weekend and the holiday in.
Collier: Look and this guy, look there’s a lot of mortgage companies like, oh you know what their sales point does, it’s always like, “oh and we underwrite locally”. Well, if you have idiots under writing the loan, I don’t care if they’re in Kansas or Birmingham.
David: I’m telling you, the number 1 person you need to.
Collier: Be nice to?
David: No, the number 1 person you need to understand and trust and feel good about it’s your loan officer, I mean it doesn’t matter who is under writing my file, it’s my responsibility.
Collier: Well you know that’s right.
David: Inaudible.
Collier: Well we had a thing the other day with a client, right? They got nervous ‘cause the under writer called and one thing they said to me afterwards they call, it’s something about, something come up but it wasn’t bad and they, your processor.
David: The processor.
Collier: It was a processor (inaudible).
David: Under writers, don’t call anybody.
Collier: (Inaudible), the processor calls but at the end of the day, they said well we trust David, he knew in the very beginning about these situations and they were just doing their process, they were just doing their jobs, so but that’s the confidence you gotta have with that loan officer.
David: Yeah well, I mean, we’re talking about shopping and that’s you know, you gotta trust the person you’re dealing with. You know the biggest thing is to identify red flags upfront and figure out, what is gonna slow us down? What hurls can we get out of the way? You know, first few days how can we set this deal up in the beginning to make sure the ending is great? And that’s all you want as a client; all you want is the ending to be great.
Collier: There’s not much difference, let’s be really clear, you’re not, I don’t care if the inter trade is not, well (inaudible).
David: Hi Tom.
Collier: The inter trade are not gonna be different bank to bank.
David: Not tremendous I mean, yeah, you’re gonna find, maybe or something ridiculous that is never gonna return a phone call, as no accountability to the real estate agent should working with in this market.
Collier: But they’re scamming for a reason, they have to because they haven’t had the, they don’t have the history of providing great service usually.
David: Right.
Collier: And (inaudible).
David: There’s always a tradeoff to pay for.
Collier: The other thing to remind people is that a lot of times you go into the, hey have you ever been to the drive through in the banks when you see teaser eggs of home equity line and stuff like that? I called David one time and I said hey, what is this? Man, that was an astronomic low rate and you gave me the answer and I confirm it with the bank, what they were doing, the bank was running an special cause they needed the balance some of that portfolio, ‘cause the deal wasn’t there but for about a week right? So, they needed some home equity, you have to have so much owned in deposit and so much loaned out and then your just try to balance it.
David: Yeah.
Collier: There’s nothing that you guys can do.
David: Yeah, so be careful I mean you just gotta do your homework, everybody’s got their marketing and gets the phone to ring right?
Collier: Yes, and some of them are great at it.
David: And they are not telling the whole story.
Collier: What is so funny is that you all have a mortgage bank and kind of been an old fashioned way the market compares to the rocket ships so, a place like that but there’s a reason they’re still there, a reason is that is one of the best places to work for in Birmingham and I’m not kidding (inaudible), them saying it. This is the Birmingham Business Journal and their studies, but the other thing you got to look out is what do no loan officers live here, if they live here, I presume they will never get a culture fit here right?
David: Yeah, we’ve got.
Collier: So.
David: I know that we’ve got 4 or 5 of the best highest producers in Birmingham, they’re all here under the same roof, I mean that’s pretty impressive.
Collier: Yeah, yeah, I mean you get shot with a NERF gun you come here to much right?
David: That’s right.
Collier: I mean come on with it, all right moving on right now we’re gonna talk about, you know there’s a lot of folks out there that are sitting on the market right now, there’s a lot of houses selling but there’s also those people that have a house on the market right now and they’re going why is mine not selling? And everybody else is and we’ve come up with 7 reasons that yours is still on the market and we’re gonna exclude the obvious which was.
David: A bad price, right?
Collier: Yeah, we’re gonna, I mean that’s obvious.
David: Obvious yeah, obviously the price is off you know, there’s coms to figure that out and look if your, if your house is on the market long enough, especially on this season were we got probably the largest number of buyers, then there’s people out there looking no body wanting to pay that price.
Collier: For your house, absolutely they’re not gonna get, there’s no, the best advice that I can give you and I, sure Tammy if you’re listening, she can give you is that there is no amount at marketing that can overcome and overprice this, in other words I can get a Super Bowl lad, put your house in front of a billion people and guess what, I overpriced, it won’t sell, not matter what we do.
David: That’s right.
Collier: It won’t happen, but Candy is talking about that she can be shot.
David: Tammy is asking for a NERF gun break out next time she is here, we’re gonna have that arranged Ray.
Collier: But you’re not gonna tell her by the way, she can’t know ambush.
David: (Inaudible), about it and Ray says we are still looking for humble, hungry and smart (inaudible), in the Birmingham market.
Collier: For all of us idiots, loan officers I presume.
David: Loan officer number 1, your lacks curve appeal.
Collier: Man, that’s a big one.
David: Right?
Collier: There is one thing that is for sure, curve appeal is the first impression I get and listen to our jobs as realtors is to get you inside that house and one of the best things you can do to help us is making, want it get out of the car, I’m telling you take a place like (inaudible), in Homewood, we literally, I felt about just make it cute, make you know just make it cute, go let the young girls that come out of college and stuff in Elwood and all that, they would just be like oh my God, look how cute that is, I can walk everywhere, they’ve been seeing this house arrays going down the money or daddy’s money.
David: Yeah, now add some vanity into that too because if it looks cute from the outside right? When your friends drop by or the neighbors.
Collier: Oh, you got that house.
David: Yeah, the neighbors think is pretty no matter what it looks like on the inside, it’s already pretty right?
Collier: Yeah, everybody cares about their vanity right here I mean, that’s what they want, but next one is you refuse to make upgrades in other words, hey you got the same limit account not your own limit, but you got the same one in 1998.
David: True story, refuse to make upgrades now it could be a situation where maybe you don’t have the cash saved up to make some big upgrades, but again we’re trying to explain pricing, we are trying to explain why your house is still on the market, so maybe we don’t have the upgrade instead or similar.
Collier: That’s right, you know it’s funny, this is funny, Amanda is so mad at me right now because I have in mind those laminate (inaudible), but she is for years, she said you know I want granite, I want granite, I want this nice granite well.
David: I want the crappy granite.
Collier: Yeah, well not the crappy granite, so anyway now that she’s got ready to sell guess what I’m putting in.
David: The crappy granite?
Collier: No (inaudible), granite so she is like, so now you wait.
David: Yeah, yeah.
Collier: Yeah.
David: Man, people do that all the time, people do that all the time, they make upgrades to sell their house so they don’t even enjoy it, get it in and they don’t even get to live with it.
Collier: Well, I mean I have a 9-year-old, the problem is (inaudible).
David: What are they gonna do with the granite?
Collier: That’s what I need to get over that.
David: This is, this guy, his name is Collier.
Collier: All right, number 3.
David: He is worried about granite for a 9-year-old, too much clutter, this is a big one what I mean this can (inaudible), somebody without even knowing anything else about the house.
Collier: That I mean (inaudible), I walk into the houses and I am like who is running the show here, I mean the clutter can make everything else and no one pays attention to anything else.
David: Yeah, yeah, is like when you walk into a house and you look at it, you imagine yourself living there and then you imagine yourself living around all this junk and you’re just like I wanna get out of here.
Collier: I don’t know if you remember looking at houses when you were buying, but I bet you probably looked at the rooms’ size and you were looking how your stuff fit in this space.
David: Yeah, you can’t see that with all this junk in the way, right?
Collier: I mean, I, your underwear and panties are everywhere, I mean jeez Louis.
David: Or steamy you know the house is, she sold this week had a big rolled up rug in the room.
Collier: You sit there?
David: Yeah.
Collier: Yeah (inaudible), what would you do afterwards is a little confusing but.
David: I mean.
Collier: Oh, you know, now becomes a closing gift, hey if it’s nice I got it for you.
David: Yeah.
Collier: (Inaudible).
David: Number 4 is a, the roof is old, this is an interesting one it can look ugly.
Collier:Yeah it can look ugly, I mean one of the best ways you can tell is and is giving a little different ‘cause we’re getting lower, but the way I’ve been able to tell up to about now is if it has a ridge band across the top of the roof, it’s been a telltale sign that has been ‘cause in about ’05, it got pretty standard to put a ridge band on the top.
David: You know, I always think about the roofs in Bermuda, they’re white washed some lime hard rocks.
Collier: Heavy.
David: Yeah and they, the water would wash down and collect and there was a symbol there that if your roof was clean then you were, you have money, right?
Collier: Oh yeah, yeah, we are rich.
David: Yeah, because.
Collier: I’ve been after spring ‘cause I didn’t want everybody to think I wouldn’t, right?
David: Interesting, but yeah I have seen some, I have seen some ugly looking roofs you know, your roof is an expensive, expensive thing to repair and that’s enough if your buyer is coming in and says man, I’m about to drop 4, 5, 6 grand on the roof first thing.
Collier: Yeah and listen you’re not gonna get one buying it (inaudible), get an inspection for crying out loud! So, you’re not being cool and smart when you think, if you know that roof is failing.
David: Yeah and the big thing about buyers you know, the way we always see this is that cash is. Again, there is a smaller percentage but for the most part cash is not an abundant, so most people don’t come into the house with five or six grand laying around to do a roof.
Collier: Yeah, they’re now gonna have to do some melt, it’s easy for your own friend, in fact I’m not a big proponent of it we talked about it before, but the held damage if it has held damage legitimately, call your insurance carrier and it might get a cheaper roof (inaudible). depends on the carry.
David: Yeah, number 5 is you still have renters, come on this one is obvious.
Collier: Yeah and they suck when they’re in there.
David: All right, look renters don’t suck Collier.
Collier: When you’re trying to sell your house, it does.
David: Ok, but just blank the statement they don’t.
Collier: Oh no that, that is true but the (inaudible).
David: They’re not, they don’t have any financial gain, they’re actually losing in this deal.
Collier: No, there’s no reason for them to sell the house, oh I’m sorry that my pennies were on the ground.
David: I’m about to get kicked out if you sell this house, no I’m not in (inaudible).
Collier: I mean we’ve seen some nasty stuff, I’ll go ahead and say it honest to God, we were, our show in a house Adam (inaudible), like that exists, exit one.
David: It’s right, its right here, (inaudible).
Collier: Yeah, you can say on the screen right, there was an honest to Godly showing the house and living there, it was a huge condo on the.
David: Honest to Godly.
Collier: On the bathroom (inaudible).
David: So, they just turn in and turn right back out, that’s all they heard.
Collier: Yeah.
David: That’s all they heard.
Collier: But, but imagine if you’re the owner.
David: Lost the list.
Collier: Yeah, but if you’re the owner of that David I mean, that purchase just destroyed my sudden Baptist buyer.
David: I’m telling you, not good.
Collier: Not good at all.
David: Number 6 six is you hate showings.
Collier: Just a few people do, right? But you’re selling your house, you don’t have a choice.
David: Man I tell you, showings are a pain as a homeowner, I’m not gonna, every realtor’s probably gonna tell you, but you gotta keep your house spotless if you have dogs or kids, I mean everything ‘cause you might get a call and somebody is gonna be there in 30 minutes right? So, you know, gotta be able to clean the house in 30 minutes, no you just have to keep (inaudible).
Collier: To show it like it is.
David: It is frustrating but you got to, you got to be ok with the showings.
Collier: All right and especially when a market is driven largely by the medical community right? So, we got a lot of people flying in and for the day they need to go see houses, they didn’t have a job offer till they got here.
David: Has Tammy put under bikinis there?
Collier: I think that what that is.
David: Maybe she has those laying around her house.
Collier: This guy Mario (inaudible), could be Mario’s, it might.
David: It might be Mario’s.
Collier: I don’t know, he just couldn’t find the one for Speedos (inaudible).
David: Made on of the calendar’s past.
Collier: Oh boy, all right!
David: You are welcome Mario!
Collier: Next one is if you’re hating showings, it’s irrelevant once you put your house on the market by the way, you didn’t swept the small step, this could be the biggest story here, I had an older lady paying in cash by about 300,000 and I had found the right house for her, I mean this was going to be the best house for her and I knew she knew it.
David: Knew it!
Collier: Knew it, walked in the house I’m like yes, what do you think? It’s phenomenal! She goes they don’t take care of the house and I’m like how in the world do you know they don’t take care of the house? She says look at the door stop, they’re all bent over and everything, it’s all smoke and mirrors, right?
David: So, they just clean this up once.
Collier: Well, I was so mad living there and then it down on me, as mad as I was at her right? It was her reality, what she perceived and these are dollar items that could have been taken care of, I would have sold her house for the most money with a cash buyer and they just went (inaudible). The other thing I can tell you about sweating this small stuff, is that women are 90 percent of the buying decision and with their 90 percent of the buying decision, one thing, other thing I do know about women is that they’re great multi-taskers, we are idiots as guys, right? We go, we can only do one thing, but I have got to meet the mom who is good at doing 8 things at one time. Shuffling, laundry, work, kids, everything and I get that they’re ok with big projects in the house, they don’t want to have to move in and do door stops and all of the little things, they won’t. They’re okay doing the big stuff, sweat this (inaudible), stuff if you’re selling your house. Just sweat them for the women, do it for the ladies.
David: Yeah, so that’s it, do it for the ladies, that’s the 7 things and you might want to think about it if you’re having trouble selling in this market.
Collier: Tom Horn who is an appraiser just (inaudible), says I use condos as a 5,000 dollars negative adjustment.
David: Negative adjustment on the appraisal, that’s gonna look good, all right so our last section is our stock market, personal finance, what do we got, they’re, we hand out the old.
Collier: Thirty seasons by the way.
David: We hand out the credit card, we built the credit.
Collier: Yeah, stocks have been moving this week.
David: Yeah, stocks are killing it.
Collier: Yeah, one thing we’ve been telling everybody, if you are listening to our stock picks since day 1, I was telling David at lunch today if you just listen to us, not just so in the real world but the stock picks, which you should start taking our picks, you’d be really rich right now, but ‘cause you got Twilio crushed earnings, wrote that we (inaudible), invested in crushed earnings, Snapchat is on its way back and granted we lost initially on there.
David: Snapchat is hanging in there.
Collier: What else we got this week?
David: Twitter is doing well.
Collier: At (inaudible).
David: Amazon is just absolutely killing it and is just non-stop.
Collier: One that is a probable price to buy right now, that we talked about in the past and know that you mentioned briefly ETFMG is.
David: MG is actually an ETF marihuana stocks, so obviously that’s a kind of you know, some people would probably disagree with investing in that, but it’s gonna be you know, a lot of money is poured into it in the different states.
Collier: You’re not smoking it.
David: A lot of money is poured into different states, that dispensaries are open and some of these companies are in Canada where it’s legal.
Collier: It’s a great, it’s a great collection of stocks, it’s a great play if you want to play the Marihuana play.
David: Instead, yes instead of picking just one, taking a chance on one.
Collier: Like the big one (inaudible), is canopy I believe right? Ain’t that right? And there’s gonna be some groceries, there’s gonna be a lot of groceries in consolidation I mean. This thing back in the bear companies and all that and all of the sudden they’re like, 10 years like 13, 5 companies.
David: Right.
Collier: So, there’s those but really just keep watching Twilio, I just think that one is gonna keep rising.
David: Yeah, in effect came out a couple days ago and said that they were you know, they’re still ready to point where they’re not moving rates and they’re gonna keep to monitor the economy right? To maintain inflation, so everything looks good from a rate standpoint with a housing market, where I think the stock market obviously looks strong with earnings and the economy, so everything right now looks pretty strong there’s you know, on the horizon the recessions and changes but everything looks good.
Collier: Looking good anyway, we will see you next Thursday, don’t forget to share this Real Estate Happy Hour Show with all your friends, don’t forget the podcast edition is anywhere you find great
David: Pod.
Collier: That’s right, Google podcast, Apple podcast, Stitcher, Spotify, all that great stuff but we certainly hope you’re having a great week.
David: Yeah and if you need any assistance with real estate, assistance with mortgage, look us up like I mentioned earlier we get reviews on (inaudible), so do your homework, call us, we’ll be happy to answer, any questions that you got.
Collier: And before we leave, we need to say hi to your dad.
David: Hey buddy, thanks for joining us.
Collier: In your little way.
David: Might have been a little low life, but you cast the replay.
Collier: We’ll see you next week and you all have a great weekend!
David: See you guys.
Collier: Bye bye!

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