The Real Estate Happy Hour Show - Episode 53

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The Most Exhilarating Hour in all of Real Estate, it’s time for The Real Estate Happy Hour Happy Hour Show. On today’s show Collier Swecker & David Arnette are talking about the NCAA Basketball Tournament, a $1 Million HOA Lawsuit, Cocktails are Coming to a Keurig Near You, Lawyers are Aiming at Realtor Compensation, and the 6 Biggest Screwups People Make on their Taxes! Join us every Thursday at 4pm for the live show on Facebook Live or watch or listen to the Real Estate Happy Hour on replay or listen to the podcast that can be found on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify, and Tunein Radio.

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Collier: All right! All right is four o’clock on Thursday! You know what that means; it’s time for the Real Estate Happy Hour!

David: It’s the hottest hour on Facebook.

Collier: Man! I think nationwide. Nationwide at four o’clock.
?David: and I think at least in Iceland and some other countries we are number one.

Collier: Absolute, hey, your, hey you picked the song today and it’s very apropos. ??David: (Inaudible).

Collier: Christopher Cross
?David: Christopher Cross, sailing.

Collier: Sailing Baby?
David: Hey, you gotta love it man, we are uh, in about forty-eight hours, we are gonna be heading to Fort Lauderdale.

Collier: Yep, yep.??Collier: We are, on the Real Estate Happy Hour show’s going on a cruise.

David: The hundred percent of the show is heading to Fort Lauderdale for a cruise. ??Collier: Absolutely, we don’t even need these lights and all this production equipment, you know why? ‘Cause we’re gonna have a great time and we’re bringing you with us.

David: It’s gonna be miracles.
?Collier: Miracles, it’s gonna be incredible, we do have a drink package so that’s good,

David: Of course.

Collier: We do have all the food we can eat, I mean, what else do we need?
?David: Yeah, free dinner.

Collier: Man, he talked about a guy Cristopher cross has lived in just a few songs, listen to one from a tradings, bet places.

David: Now this is the first, this is the first shot from, Real State Happy hour page.

Collier: Yeah, this is the first live show from the actual Facebook, page, we’ve always posted there and that’s so were things (inaudible).
?David: Here we go.

Collier: Melany Feazell, first one.

David: Melany Feazell
?Collier: Feazell.

David: She’s a, she’s (inaudible).
?Collier: She is, she is great, all right, hey, big win, NCAA tournament started today.

David: Man, and Auburn took it to the wire, I’m telling you this tournament is exciting, but Auburn went to the wire, I mean they even the (inaudible) guy, give him three shots to win the game.

Collier: to win the game, and he missed it out the three.

David: I mean crazy.

Collier: I mean you know, Bruce (inaudible), said it best when he said, “It’s called March madness basically for a reason”.
?David: Exactly, and you know, Auburn plays (inaudible), basketball were they are running guns and shooting trees and if they stop falling then they can be suspect for an offset, but look they, they pull it out and that’s gonna help Auburn, I tell you, moving on that’s gonna help Auburn.

Collier: Then having that adversity.

David: Yeah, having that close loss… Cause, I saw him after the game and they were frustrated, they were mad that they were that close.

Collier: Yeah, you could see it in his face. That the, we just, ‘cause I really think they thought, they were gonna walk in.

David: That’s exciting, Mary State has a, I know I’m gonna mess up his name, but it’s the third NBA prospect Saint Mary state, (inaudible).

Collier: Third rank or whatever.

David: Yeah, they are like a twelve seat, Houston looks like they got, they have been on a good run, Texas tech, I’ll just pull this off from looking at back of Wofford.
Collier: Wofford

David: Lot of good teams.

Collier: Yeah, who’s that team I have going to the finals, eight, the elite eight, I have, it may be Wofford, Wofford I think it is.

David: Yeah, they are good, I mean lot of wins (inaudible), I don’t know how much you follow but the dub player (inaudible), it’s all they are talking about, I mean is this guy that good?

David: Yes, he’s amazing I don’t think, once he gets in a roll and once he gets in the rhythm in this tournament. Because he sat out the las three weeks before the ACC tournament now the last game of the tournament I knew was close they could have lost to the (inaudible), but umm yeah, they, I think once gets in rhythm on roll future NBA, he’ll be an NBA All-star, (inaudible).

Collier: Wow, well he is only eighteen I believe, he’ll be making a ton of money.

David: And Melanie is, I think Melany is into a new (inaudible), is call Pucci.

Collier: Is it, is it, wow, there’s a lot of rhymes there.

David: it is, it’s pretty interesting, look that up though, it’s a good name.

Collier: Maybe it’s like Puccé.

David: Puccé? In French?

Collier: Man, hey, did you, you know speaking of (inaudible), ‘cause that’s why we are here (inaudible), did you see this article from the Wall Street Journal about a man in his age (inaudible), had done to each other to the tune on over a million dollars.

David: Yeah… yeah, this is drawn out in the courts to where (inaudible); inferring that they have is legal fees.

Collier: Yeah that’s exactly what (inaudible).

David: just dragging this out over a million dollars between the two sides.

Collier: All, all over a decorative like, you know this round, would you say flowers beds? Probably, what would they say it here? Shanghai.

David: They are like (inaudible), walls.
?Collier: Walls, right just going around in a (inaudible), of concrete or something like it, didn’t look bad, maybe we couldn’t see it, yeah, no we could see it, didn’t look bad, but yet they’re growing cause you know the HOA president said “if we don’t enforce it they are going bad”.

David: Yeah, I did, I thought I did read it there, in another Neighbor said, “The HOA is a little ridiculous”.

Collier: (Inaudible), yeah absolutely, I mean, one of the deals was they wanted, they told the guy he would have to put his satellite dish right in the middle of his yard, so it’ll be right in the middle of the house and didn’t wanna offer alternative solution.

David: Yeah, nothing, but the fact the HOA would be this naive and stupid and the fact that this guy is so stupid he spent more in legal fees than his house costs.

David: Right, I mean obviously the guy’s got some money to burn, and he is a, he is challenging this, but unbelievable.

Collier: We should say that this is in Olathe, Kansas (inaudible), Olathe, Kansas. I was calling Florida when I saw this, so yeah, ‘cause everything is crazy in Florida.

David: But I think it’s a retirement community.

Collier: Yeah, I really did think it was, but you know, you know you are rich when you just throw a half million dollars or more.

David: Yeah.

David: When you can waste a half million dollars on a HOA lawsuit.
?Collier: Now, this next story is gonna make you very happy.
?David: The Keurig K Cups, so this is in Keurig.

Collier: Yep, yep, along with (inaudible).

David: In Bev, In Keurig, they’re trying to come together to make like these, these K cups, you know this coffee cups, the Keurig coffee cups.

Collier: Yeah, you know that you push one cup.

David: Yeah, one cup at the time, they’re trying to bring this with alcohol to the cocktail world, right? (Collier: laughs) So uh…

Collier: So, you don’t have to worry about, I think the key is so many of us if you are making a cocktail, you know, how much do I put of this? How much do I put of that? And know you don’t have to worry about anymore.

David: You know when I read this article, I saw the Budweiser or in Bev its struggle with Budweiser, Bud light sales, which I still think is interesting with the economy in, all the craft, bruise in the commercials that they had, thinks like that. I still think it’s interesting that Budweiser is really struggling on Budweiser, Bud light sales.

Collier: Yeah absolute, well I think we’ve talked about it before, a lot of these micro bruise and lot of things that have been into it.

David: Yeah, when the economy is too well, people have money and they spend on things like Bud light.

Collier: All right, I don’t see any wrong with bud light, you like all the fancy stuff, but what was interesting was these K cups for the average cocktail would cost about four dollars apiece and sold in packs of four, for what do they say sixteen bucks? Yeah, and by the way I had no Idea that Keurig is own by Dr. Pepper.

David: Yeah, interesting.

Collier: Who knew? But, this is pretty fascinating that... I mean it goes to show you the ingenuity of America, Right? That what I though was a dead coffee maker, right, cause I (inaudible)

David: Yeah, they’re trying to come up for ways to lock it so underage people can’t get to it.

Collier: I didn’t think about that, you have a sixteen year old almost.

David: Yeah, so obviously there is, or if you just stole, let’s say you just stole a pack of this K cups out.

Collier: Hey mom, I need your Keurig.

David: Or you just open them up and drink them I guess, I’m sure.

Collier: Wouldn’t be powder, wouldn’t be powder though.

David: I don’t have any idea.

Collier: (Inaudible), it is higher in price obviously.

David: Yeah, so that’s what, that’s what they’re working on though and is interesting to see if this takes off.
?Collier: Absolutely, and you here it on the hit we talk about it all the time, oh by the way Cassie (inaudible), is wondering Missouri (inaudible), to California three cups around, two out of those three cups Missouri in there (inaudible).

David: Yeah.
?Collier: So, Interesting story, I mean that’s just fascinating.

David: Saint Louis, Missouri.
?Collier: Hey, by the way have you ever been up there and (no understandable) tour?
?David: No.
?Collier: It’s phenomenal, phenomenal, that’s awesome.

David: Well listen, inter straights, so yesterday, the Fed came out that the we are not gonna raise no more raid highs in two thousand nineteen, ok?

Collier: Fascinating.

David: Absolutely, last summer, and we talked about this earlier today, last summer they are on page from two to four, I think at one point they have four schedules, and they have a schedule for the rest of eighteen and all of nineteen.
?Collier: And they were going, I mean there’s no stopping.

David: Matter, I don’t care what the economics say, or what’s going on with the economy, how wealthy is going, we are doing this on schedule and this is what we are doing, right?

Collier: Yes.

David: And then ran about, September October, late summer, whatever, Donald Trump.

Collier: Yes, just ragging on, you know giving them grief about understands, you know, I guess their aggressive nature towards this rate highs, Jim Kramer jumped on the scene (inaudible).

Collier: Larry Cudlow, who is the chief economic advisor.

David: Several people started talking about the fed and their stance and they’re asking them hey, you need to take a wait and see approach, in November they changed that, and said ok, we’re gonna look at the economics of the situation before we make any further raid high decisions. That was in November, the stock market responded well, everything was screaming back up (inaudible), responded well, everybody felt good about (inaudible), now yesterday they’re coming out saying no more rate highs on the table this year.?
Collier: Thank God! ‘Cause because they were messing strong with the economy.

David: Yeah, so they pulled up all their backs, so hopefully we’re gonna get some break on rates. You know I…I think we we’re somewhere around a three point, I say three point seven on a fifteen year.

Collier: Right, so it continues into go down, and so slightly.

David: About 3.7 on average and a 4.2 in the third year, and that’s an average, now obviously that probably, that’s a weekly average (inaudible), Morgan market surveys that probably doesn’t fracture in all of yesterday because it’s a weekly average, but we’re, we’re inching down I think, and I think we might get, we might look at three and high threes.

Collier: That’s crazy, if I mean, if you ever look into getting that, you might not have a house you can find, cause not at least in our market… it’s hard to find because we’re in such (inaudible), inventory, we could search one out for you uh, but if you’re gonna think, you were asking about your problem at the fed, a lot of this stuff around the world is affecting our economy, and we, we forget about that all the time and so this key (inaudible). They’re talking about, they did, I believe they did just looked in the united states (inaudible), they don’t wanna get that spread around the world, where we’re so far ahead of the rest of the world, cause this is world economy that we’re in.

David: Yeah I think, I think that was part of the argument (inaudible) john Kramer was bringing up, was the fact that yeah we’re folks and all, you know US economy doing great and you guys are not looking internationally, we’re there are still problems internationally that we can´t overlook to stop, hey you know is more of the global economy (inaudible).

Collier: I mean, just, I’m just looking around me and you know I Just look at this pen and it was made in china and you know we take that for granted. That, that our economy is run. I bought this pen somewhere in the United States.

David: We take it for granted.

Collier: We take it for granted and it really is true that, that so many are (inaudible), out, the dumbest law suit that I’ve seen this week, cause I, I try to see this (inaudible), ‘cause it is fired up about this, there is a class section law suit in California because a group of (inaudible), New Balance and their each gonna receive ten dollars each because they made the statement, or New Balance did, the shoes were made in the USA, now 95% of it is made in the USA, some of them (inaudible), some other things were imported, they were offended that the whole shoes weren’t made in the USA.
?David: That would ruin your weekend.?
Collier: Yeah, and, and to think why are you wasting your time, I mean ten dollars is a lot of money.

David: That is definitely worth, that is definitely worth to a law suit, now, hey speaking of law suit, ok just wanna bring this back up real quick because obviously I, I get a lot of cruise Ship News in my News feed, a guy was on the (inaudible), yeah Bungie, is like a bungie trampoline thing, he would do it like a backflip.

Collier: Like he do it in Panama City, but in this case on a boat with the trampoline below him.

David: Yeah flipped off of it, one of the straps came loose, he flipped off of it and broke his pelvis could be affected for the rest of his life (inaudible), for then million dollars.

Collier: Yeah but when you listen to that guy.

David: But let me put this in context.

Collier: Ok, I’ll hold, Nicholas Sandman Suits CNN for two hundred and seventy five million on a story that’s old news by the weekend.

Collier: Sounds like Sandman’s got a better lawyer.

David: Sandman’s got a much better lawyer, this other guy (inaudible), might have his life ruin and suit for ten million, Sandman was a, what do you call’ ‘em a slandered.

Collier: Yeah, clearly, slandered, slandered, no physical horror done to the man.

Collier: But, the problem is (inaudible).

David: Unbelievable.

Collier: The problem with the internet today is every story for the rest of his life, when they Google his name, is going to say Nicholas Sandman racist.

David: No, no, no.

Collier: Well, let me say this, going back to this (inaudible), the passenger is, if you look at his interviews, everything about it reeks to me of, because there’s no questions he was hurt, but if he was helped, the staff was very helpful.

David: Yeah, but I think just in general, he was a very athletic guy and his life is changed now because a safety failure.
Collier: He can’t shake it. like Elvis.

David: That is more valid that Nicholas Sandman even though I think Sandman had (inaudible).

Collier: And you came around on Sandman.

David: Yeah, I’m still on Sandman’s side it’s just that (inaudible).

Collier: Poor guy, you know we keep saying speaking of lawyers, look we wanna bring this to your attention cause you’re gonna see it in news and everything, the same lawyers that took on Volkswagen, Big Tobacco, there was a couple other big cases that they have fought in the past. They are (inaudible), after Routers all around the country, no this specific group of Routers, but in their class of (inaudible), anyone who had bought or sold a house in the United States.

David: Yeah, this has opened up a Pandora’s Box in my opinion, if somebody gets behind this cause, basically, what they’re saying is they’re aiming at the Routers in their six percent commission because Routers bring buyers and the buyer’s fee is negotiated with the seller, and they’re saying this is not negotiable on the buyer’s side?

Collier: That’s correct, well no, they’re saying that the seller is being forced to pay for a buyer to be represented right and well, owners face its truth to that one thousand percent, but a good agent also has a sign buyer, agency agreement that says “if the seller does not pay me, we have it, it says if the seller is not gonna pay me you’re gonna pay me”.

David: Right.

Collier: Right? And the, in (inaudible), it sounds like oh my gosh, I never thought about that, but the problem is, it did solved a problem is very efficient way, it is now, yes you would pay for (inaudible), most that you buy and sell, so you know here you got a free, free ride on one side and believe me you are paying for that buyer agent as a buyer because that seller would have taken… would have pass on those savings you know ‘cause if, if, you following me on that?

David: Yeah.

Collier: You could have gotten a better deal on the house potentially, had he not had to pay.

David: Right, I think they’re some arguments to the six percent number, but obviously, you know, you need representation on both sides and if you switch that, and I have seen it, where the buyer picks up in very, rare occasions I’ve seen the buyer pay the real state commission.

Collier: Oh absolutely! to the router. However, being on the other side of it and looking at peoples finances and looking at what people can qualify for now, if you add another two thousand dollars and a real state commission for the buyer side that’s gonna hurt a lot of buying potential.

Collier: Yeah, but you guys have limits too (inaudible).

David: So, you hate doing this as the seller, so now you’re gonna force the buyer to come up with it, how many people are you knocking out at your buyer pool by doing that now?

Collier: well don’t you think we’re gonna start saying in a buyer going… they have to pay eight thousand dollars in commission, they’re gonna ask the seller to pay for the commission

David: Exactly.

Collier: And the only people getting rich in this are the lawyers.

David: Look, I mean, right, it’s gotta come from somewhere.

Collier: Now, the big problem with this, is like I said you know a guy (inaudible), really respect and a (inaudible), in this business for a long time said that this is a potential nuclear bomb for the industry.

David: Yeah, It could really rock that number that six percent have been there forever.

Collier: And it doesn’t matter if you, if one of the reasons I got out of the practice of law often was it that it didn’t matter I was right on the legal side, all you gotta do is convince a jury or a judge.

David: Exactly, that somebody did wrong so, so who is this helping? So, the seller still have to come off with their price right and now the buyer is paying for it, the routers are still making their commission. Who, who is this helping really? Because right now, the way I see it set up right now, you know buy I just I feel like you’re gonna be caught into the buyer poll if you do this.

Collier: Well, and I think that you’re with the wrong router if you don’t see the value of a good agent, if you don’t see the good, if you don’t see the value you need to switch agents or do it on your own, there is no question, I don’t have a single problem with you trying to sell it on your own whatever, statistics do not lie, if you as a seller go on your own by honor statistically are gonna get less for your house than with the buyer, the other issue they have is saying that all routers will not show for sale/buy on our house. That’s just not true. I been building our business over calling and establishing relationships with for sale (inaudible), look we didn’t know anybody, we started this ever twelve years ago, right? So, you have to do something, so we were just friends with (inaudible), and hey, it worked out, the thing is this is not helping anybody, but.
David: The lawyers, the lawyers, and all you have to do is, you know they talk about in England and what was that, the other country, not Ireland and but.

David: Australi, Iceland, we, we are the biggest show on Iceland.

Collier: Probably so, ok moving on 6 biggest screw ups people make on their tax returns, why? Because this is the end of March, coming up for April 15 and we got a few weeks huh?

Collier: We do all right, this came from our friends over CBS market watch and, you know I was a former tax attorney so don’t, so I take my advice in that roller coaster, I’m now the host, co-host of a Real State Happy Hour show, where we have (inaudible), beer in our hands, anyway, the gift that it’s up taking charitable donations, we’re really worried about this, when down the road in an (inaudible) situation, you get ordered and you put a hundred dollars in the church plate, a hundred dollar bill cause you’re a visitor then you go report that in your income tax. Theoretically or not theoretically, legally you can claim that on your taxes, ok?

David: I’m gonna take a picture of it, it must be reported, yeah but the question is (inaudible)

David: If I take a Snapchat of my donations.

Collier: Yeah, yeah, Snapchat, but the problem with Snapchat is that is gone.

David: And stock is up.

Collier: That is correct, all right, (inaudible), keep (inaudible), for all donations over two hundred and fifty, but really for anything make sure is recorded, in other words, if you see your church, say your annual statement, say how much you donated, and that’s why I put it in the envelope by the way, you know the little envelope it’s a.

David: But, that’s were you write a check.
?Collier: Well, that too, uh that’s a good one too, the (inaudible), big one.

David: No one’s writing checks anymore.
?Collier: Well, who does that? I do. The rollover fumbles, speaking… is not in football season. Thank you Mr. Arnette, so let’s say you left your job here in two thousand last year, in two thousand eighteen and yet roll from your 4K or your ROA over to a new roll in your ROA, and you know what, you, you didn’t do it right or you waited too long, or uh, you think you have to pay taxes, you don’t have to pay taxes on the roll-over if you do everything correctly.

David: Or they’ll rollover.
Collier: Right, right, right, one thing that they talk about make sure, is make sure you record that roll-over in your tax return, so that is recorded that the rollover happened

David: So, you got a 10.99 or coming from the company right, they close it out, so you gotta turn that in.

Collier: Well, then is being reported to the ROA, so the tax return kind of says hey, I’m aware that I own this, I don’t owe this, I’m aware that this happened.

David: Right.

Collier: Right? ‘Cause, one thing I’ll tell you, is this year I had a ROA that was, non-deductible ROA, Ok, you told me that earlier

David: Yeah, yeah while you say that I do wanna bring up the fact, we did have a lot to learn with (inaudible), with booth financial planning.

Collier: Yeah, really good, fantastic guy, today we had some (inaudible), at the office, and a, great conversation, lots of stuff about investment and retirement options for people, so it might make me just think about that, I appreciate Brillan coming over and doing this.

Collier: Absolutely, Brillan Brooth, anyway, what happened was I did a non-deductible ROA, I did know but (inaudible), taxes at least made it really easy because since it was non-deductible, in order to record it you still must record it and then you return so if they’re ever coming back they’ll say hey who is your cost in spaces? How much did you spent there? We need to know, and so just make sure, don’t just put it in the ROA and no reported, that’s my point, you’re not gonna be taxed on that, but you’re reporting it and so, it (inaudible), so, so easy.

David: Man, in the next one is titled Home cooking what do we got here.

Collier: Don’t forget about deducting those (inaudible), points that you have on your own, when you bought them. Now often times, not often time I shouldn’t say, sometimes the seller made per point on the (inaudible).

David: Yeah, but how does that work its seller; well let’s say the seller credits you for that point.

Collier: In other words, you still get the ability to write that off because it doesn´t affect that seller, yeah, and if somebody is gotta get that credit, it’s gotta be you.

David: It should be you; also, the taxes that were (inaudible) in the closing when you sold the house can be deducted.
?Collier: Don’t forget about that, I think we all did, ‘cause we moved on.

David: Well you know, the state of Alabama Real State taxes is nothing compared to up North and other areas.

Collier: Absolutely, cause we are build, we build (inaudible), we’re idiots in Alabama in build on (inaudible), like so in other words, we go backwards, and go, yeah you know, last year to this year we’re gonna tax that and you pay the following year.

David: Yeah, on October, yeah.

Collier: But, not our cities, our cities build in advance, just like the rest of you folks do.

David: All right next one is boss of the house; one of the most common mistakes is unmarried folks filling as single tax payers.

Collier: Yeah, absolutely, this is a big one because, have you ever heard about the marriage tax penalty right? Yeah, is a big deal and but, thanks to Donald Trump and the tax cut, new tax plan, far more favorable, far less of the marriage tax because it didn’t make sense. If you have a couple that wants to foul for whatever reasons separately, right? Or you, you know, wants to file separately (inaudible), is not there is, you know forget the amount that they reference here, but it was not much of a difference to.

David: And this sits around fouling its head of household, rather than just single right?

Collier: Well, that’s another aspect of it too; it’s that often time’s people forget that saying older child you’re paying almost everything for, you can qualify for it, like for instance your daughter, right? If you were single dad and you were out there and you’re responsible for more than half of her income you should be filing ‘cause you of it as, she is in college in a way, I’m single and by myself. I’m single, so obviously file single, well no, I’m head of a household you’re gonna get a more favorable treatment and you gotta watch the delectability of her status when she fouls in return, but hey, she’s on daddy’s money, she shouldn’t have that much income, but just remember that uh…there and also another big one is when you have a new child coming into the family.

David: Man, you cannot forget this one, I mean we got in the office Lindsey (inaudible), should be watching right now, but she’s not, a brand new kid on the block.

Collier: Congratulations, a couple of weeks I think, well don’t forget to get that child a social security number as soon as you can, make that obligation, your hospital will help you with this (inaudible), and here’s why that’s correct specially if you have that child in March-April, but if you haven’t filed your tax return yet. If you wanna claim that, that tax credit, the child tax credit or any deduction related to that they must have a social security number, we can debate why they have our security numbers anyway, is so they can track you down, but different stories.

David: Absolutely, next is going to be I got, I don’t, I can’t pay my tax bill.

Collier: Absolutely! A big problem.

David: So, don’t make the mistake of avoiding April 15, let’s still get the extension, now you’re gonna get any break on the money you owe, nope.

Collier: Nope and you´re gonna pay penalties, you still must pay everything you owe by April 15.

David: But, you get an extension though.

Collier: Get an ext; you won’t get an extension of the actual payment.

David: Yeah, you still owe.

Collier: The penalty.

David: But, at least extended.

Collier: Extended, so you have the penalty for not fouling, but the key I think this article and I’ll tell you my opinion is overpay, if you have to cause, you should be able to guess, you should know what you owe.

David: Yeah, but, but we are saying in the case you don’t have money to pay the tax bill; at least you get your extension filed.

Collier: You don’t avoid them.

David: When you do file the extension you’re supposed to file with that, what you estimated your tax (inaudible).

Collier: You’re one hundred percent right.

David: Yeah, what’s supposed to do, but at least get that foul, don’t avoid it and think that just if you don’t say anything they’re not gonna know (inaudible), let me tell you something they will get their money one way or another, I have heard of people, you now trying this tax scams to avoid paying income taxes.

Collier: They aren’t working, you might end up.

David: Is not gonna work, in the pokey. You might end up doing the hockey pokey in the pokey, and don’t forget about installment agreements if you can’t pay it, God hey, let me just say this about the IRS, the IRS while they can stop a lot of negative stuff, my experience with them has always been if you just communicate with them, they’re very fair and they will work it out with you, they just want their money. Yeah, yeah I think is roughly about 14% of interest I think.

Collier: Yeah, not bad, consider a credit card.

David: Hey, hey, it’s not great but look, if you’re upfront with them about it tell them hey, I owe you money and I don’t have it, so I’m gonna pay you the 14% interest, let’s set up some payment plans, that’s way better than waiting until you now three to six months down the road and then.
?Collier: You know, David, you hit on a good point, if you owe that kind of money, one thing we talked about it in the past, you may wanna go to a lending club or one of those you know, where the crow source the borrowing to get a loan because your bank is not gonna give it to you.

David: No.

Collier: But, even if you have to pay (inaudible).

David: Yeah, but think about it, the IRS, I think is roughly 14 percent of interest so, you know, if you have any credit issues you’re not gonna get better than fourteen percent on the personal loan, so you might as well take it out with the RS and face up to it, so what do we got next, we got.

Collier: We’re gonna talk about, a little about the stock market.

David: We’ll talk about the stock market, I’m sure the market is looking good after yesterday’s news.

Collier: Absolutely! I’m just checking real quick and gonna try to see (inaudible), stock is still at 3.73 roughly, even they moved since it went down, the Dow is up to about 26 thousand up to 170 points today, which is a good day.

Collier: Microsoft’s all time high by the way, Microsoft, big, big hose.

David: Snap hanging on to 11 dollars, Twilio a 136.
?Collier: Hey, by the way I want to remind everybody we mentioned to you a hundred dollar a share.

David: VOO is the Vanguard S&P, which is a great investment, 2.62, so anyway I think lot of good, lot of good opportunities out there, I think Tesla is a, but, long term buy, Boeing long term buy, they, they had some trouble last week.

Collier: Boeing is, folks let’s don’t, 1 lawsuit is not even a bruise.

David: Listen, if you saw the banks that were too big to fail.

Collier: Boeing is massive.

David: Yeah, they’re too big.

Collier: But wait, hold on they, they’re too important to fail, right? Our national security is at risk without Boeing and I know that it sounds like a (inaudible), statement for crying out loud, the president of the United States, I don’t care if it’s Barack Obama or Donald Trump flies on a Boeing jet, half of those C-130 all those high jets or not jet, well the jet aircrafts, but they’re made by Boeing they just have a different name.

David: Yeah, absolutely so, Boeing is not going anywhere and this is a discount on it’s stock, all the news kept getting worse last week and this dock held on to the lowest lows of Monday, ok? Monday was when the news broke 3.65 was low and hasn’t got back to that, since, so I think anywhere in this race three seventy-three I think it is right now.
?Collier: Right and you know we were talking about the financial planning.

David: Yeah, sounds like this guys has some fast money.

Collier: Fast money, bye, bye, bye.

David: I might need to maybe send a clip.

Collier: We huge there, anyway, man, well I was gonna ask you what are you doing this weekend, but I know what you’re doing this weekend.

David: Listen, we’ve got, we’ve got March Madness tomorrow, another long day of games, and then Saturday, look we are.

Collier: Sayonara, Fort Lauderdale, we are going to Baltimore.

Collier: Yeah, this guy doesn’t follow directions really well (inaudible), well I told him what flight we’re on and I said we do wanna go in the morning, he didn’t asked what time in the morning and so he’s headed for Birmingham, Alabama up to Baltimore Merlin, I’m going from Birmingham, Tampa-Fort Lauderdale.

David: I can’t do it all.

Collier: Yeah, yeah, it’s phenomenal; hey, I hope it doesn’t snow.

David: I cannot do it all, all right, hey, hey did you checked you passport and all that?

David: No, no, no I got those.

Collier: All right, we will see you, next Thursday from somewhere in the world as our podcast says, don’t forget to follow us in the podcast, well, you can find the podcast anywhere is great.

David: We are the biggest deal in Iceland.

Collier: Where can you find the podcast? Anywhere where there’s great.?
David: Pod.

Collier: That’s right, so well (inaudible), pod, Google podcast, Stitcher, Spotify, all that good stuff, check it out.

David: We’ll be back on the Real State Happy Hour page next Thursday.

Collier: Aboard the Celebrity Edge brand new ship, it’s gonna be phenomenal! We may see if we can get.

David: The red carpet.

Collier: Hey, I’m gonna bet you have some of your new friends that you will (inaudible), have by Thursday.

David: ‘Cause I make them wherever I go.

Collier: Yeah, yeah, so have it there, we’ll see you next Thursday from somewhere in the world.

David: See ya guys, have a great weekend!

Collier: All right, see you later! Bye-bye.

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