The Real Estate Happy Hour Show - Episode 52

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Welcome to the March Madness of Real Estate, it’s time for The Real Estate Happy Hour Happy Hour Show. On today’s show Collier Swecker & David Arnette are talking about 15 Preventable Homeowner Insurance Claims, the Grounding of the 737-800 Max Aircraft , 5 Unwritten Etiquette Rules Home Buyers Might Not Even Realize Are a Big Deal, CNN $250 Million Dollar Lawsuit, College Admission Cheating & Bribery Scandal and even an Update on Interest Rates. Join us every Thursday at 4pm for the live show on Facebook Live or watch or listen to the Real Estate Happy Hour on replay or listen to the podcast that can be found on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify, and Tunein Radio.

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Collier: All right! It’s Thursday 4 o’clock! It’s time for the Real Estate Happy Hour! (Rock music in the background).

David: Man, we’ve got it going on, we’ve got Money, a little Pink Floyd, money, it’s been a long week man! It’s been busy huh?

Collier: Absolutely! Pink Floyd, what? Hey.

David: Pink Floyd’s money because the stock market is cranking and everybody’s making money right?

Collier: Making money and if, if you took our picks you’d be rich, unfortunately we didn’t take our picks every time.

David: It’s not all the time; it’s not all the time.

Collier: We take ‘em a lot of the time, but it’s all about staying in and getting in.

David: That’s right, making good decisions, we’ve got a lot of stuff to cover today.

Collier: A lot.

David: So, we are going to, we’re gonna go ahead and turn this down and see here let me flip over, so what’s, what about these college admissions?

Collier: Man!

David: Damn huh?

Collier: Man! Aunt Becky.

David: Yeah.

Collier: I tell ya, old Aunt Becky’s in trouble, million dollars bail for her and Desperate housewives I mean I tell you what, anybody that pays that kinda money. First of all, you’re paying a lot at college can you imagine? They still gotta pay tuition.

David: Man, it’s unbelievable, I mean they had, they had this guy William Singer who was coordinating some of the stuff, I guess he was bringing some of the test taking, he’s also talking to some of the coaches about.

Collier: Not just talking.

David: Yeah.

Collier: (Laughter), he was doing!?

David: The guy rake, raked in about 25 million dollars between 2011 and 2018.

Collier: I mean you’re killing your kid though, I mean the, you know to me what’s worse than the coaches I’ve always thought there was a loophole, you know because anybody can be a walk on ‘cause it’s not hard to school. But, what’s worse as a person or as a parent, whatever you wanna call it, it’s this whole idea of root, getting someone to take kid’s test for ‘em.

David: Yeah, yeah, taking the test for ‘em, I mean they have one video of, of one of the girls Olivia Jay, she was like well, and I’m really looking forward to see the, the partying and the football games.

Collier: Yeah, good stuff, I mean the best part of it right?

David: It’s just, I’m gonna, I’m gonna, I’m gonna just get all capers, gonna go talk to the Deans and everybody, make sure I can work out this all out and get it all done.

Collier: What’s funny is I saw she was making nearly a million dollars a year, just doing essential media game with Instagram, stuff like that, what are you doing teeming your way into college ‘cause whatever sociology degree, whatever the heck she’s gonna get will never return!

David: Yeah, well I’m just telling ya, it’s, it’s just a different day and time with the social media, with the cameras and the videos and everybody’s always watching. Man, this, this stuff right? Went from Stanford, Wake Forest, University of Texas, Austin, Georgetown, Yale, and UCLA. I think one of the, the tips they got turning was about the Yale soccer coach, I mean they’re taking players, they’re taking kids and making ‘em either prospects or putting them on scholarship and they’re not even athletes.

Collier: And well, they won’t go right? And they’ve never even rowed before and she’s on the rowing team.

David: Yeah.

Collier: And the other thing that was interesting, that came out this afternoon, did you see (inaudible), the initial tip came in? A guy was getting pressured by the Feds on a head fund, he’s a head fund manager that opened up stock scheme.

David: Yeah, yeah.

Collier: And so, he was getting pressured, he goes and his kid went to Yale, so he’s, in return he said hold on a minute, if I tell you something will I get a lesser sentence? Have I got something to tell you!?

David: Right.

Collier: Right?

David: How about this?

Collier: And but, what’s very funny is the guy, I mean the guy, I’m gonna let the guy skate on jail ‘cause he’s taking down far more people.

David: Absolutely, now more recently a couple of Stanford students have filed a class action.

Collier: (Laughter), yeah.

David: Saying that their education has now been devalued because obviously it’s not as much, about being smart as this buying it right?

Collier: This is why you were pulling for Georgia Tech to be involved? See you could go get a little refund?

David: Yeah.

Collier: From your free, you, did you go on what, one of those.

David: Yeah.

Collier: Lotteries going in.

David: Yeah, appropriate.

Collier: Yeah.

David: So, speaking of lawsuits man, ok I first saw this and I was like this an astronomical number, what is this about? Nicholas Sandman.

Collier: Sandman.

David: What, what.

Collier: I love that name.

David: What, what, maybe it’s Kentucky I’m sorry, I’m not sure what state he’s in.

Collier: Sandman.

David: But Nicholas Sandman was at, was in Washington.
Collier: At Lincoln Memorial.

David: Lincoln Memorial ok? Maybe you guys have seen this.

Collier: Right to life.

David: Yeah.

Collier: What do you call it? Right to life function.

David: It was in January, he has since, he had, the story I saw he had a suit on C, against CNN for 275 million, apparently there was a protest going on.

Collier: Apparently, where were you?

David: I don’t watch the news man!

Collier: I tell ya, it’s real bad like this.

David: Yeah so, a Native American was marching, playing some music.

Collier: Playing some music (laughter), banging on his drum.

David: Banging on his drum, walks right up to the kid’s face and the kid just stood there.

Collier: He didn’t know what to do, it’s one of those awkward moments where you.

David: Yeah.

Collier: Like you’re an adult, I don’t know what to do.

David: Yeah, really awkward.

Collier: Any scoop you’re looking when, when this is going on, he, he.

David: Well yeah, he had a smirk on his face, but if you take it out of context which is what happened, I, I didn’t see The Washington Post’s story on it.

Collier: Intentionally, intentionally out of context.

David: I’m sure, I’m sure CNN now at the brunt of this lawsuit, CNN took it out of context and all they showed was this young 15-year-old kid with a smirk in his face seem like he was in the face of the native, old Native American so they kinda flipped it.

Collier: Yeah!

David: They made it look different right?

Collier: Yeah! Awful, yeah right?

David: And made him out to be the face of an angry mob.

Collier: Racist angry mob.

David: Yeah.

Collier: ‘Cause they’re already not arguing, they’re already getting accustomed by this very, very, I forget what’s that called, Afro-American group that was engaging them and this Indian was coming in between the two groups, and again this is was (inaudible), French left after the American group, not normal, it was engagingly.

David: Yeah!

Collier: And so then, what happens?

David: Yeah and then, then, the native Americans just walks right at to the kids face and the kid didn’t do anything wrong but when I first saw it, I thought it was ridiculous, yeah what’s this kid thinking? It looks like he’s getting the kid, the guys face but you know google the whole video because that will tell you what is really going on, it’s just ridiculous.

Collier: Well, it’s so funny cause when you texted me, I want to provide context to it, you said Twitter, 20 or 40 (inaudible), million dollars.

David: Twenty seventy-five.

Collier: Twenty seventy-five! Whatever it is, you said, ow man that’s so much money, too much, the problem is this people weren’t acting as journalist, they were acting as activists right? These journalist, and when you’re gonna do that, you’re gonna affect real people, you can’t hide behind that journalistic mantra if you would, you know.

David: Yeah.

Collier: You, you have some duty to protect that child as well, or if is not true find the truth, but, like I told you when we were talking about it, is that is much like bail, right? If, if we would have arrest David today for some reason and you know, or for the same thing, Laurie Lawson and Becky did, they may put your bail at fifty thousand dollars, right? But, they put at Becky’s honestly at a million dollars, why would she had a million dollars? Well because that would make it hurt right? That’s about fifty would have make you hurt. Same thing here, is that you’re gonna have to get the attention of CNN, cause look, you sue him for a Million Dollars, right, we’ll settle for half (inaudible) cause they’re gonna spend that on attorney fees, I think is a good law sue, uh, I’m not a sue happy person obviously.

David: Man and that’s what I think ‘cause this is the product of a sue happy society, it’s what really makes me crazy about it, sure the kid was wrong, but look, he’ll never have to do anything else again. He’s gonna be set up, this is not into the law suits either CNN is number two behind Washington post, they had, oh, oh man, Bill Maher.

Collier: Bill Maher.

David: Bill Maher, oh, oh, man.

Collier: (Inaudible) much.

David: He’ll get added to the list, there’s been a couple other celebrities that came out one that punches the kid in the face and just slanders things written about this kid so they’ll get added, I’m telling you is gonna be a mess, the kid is gonna make millions.

Collier: Well.

David: Millions!

Collier: Yeah and you say (inaudible), that you wanna take (inaudible), but in first, he was really. You know they had to had protection ‘cause here’s the problem, we’re living in this woke society, which just, I mean is like everybody gets offended about everything. I mean there’s very few things in life that I’ve ever been truly offended by, I’m offended by the crimson Tide every football season, but that’s about it.

David: Yeah, well I think everybody likes headlines, controversial headlines, and it sales and people read the stuff and you know, is just that the number is still staggering, is still unbelievable.

Collier: Well, you know the other thing we were gonna talk about later on in the personal finance stock area was Boeing stock, we’re getting to that, but man can you believe this new 730, 7, max 800 aircraft, made by Boeing and by in the 900 series.

David: Seven thirty, 7, max 8, yeah.

Collier: Yeah alright, what’s interesting is, I, I listen to your guy, not Kramer, but somebody came on around that Kramer (inaudible), and they were talking about, it did it, interesting airbus stayed quiet but they many believe that they’re kinda going around, going at feeding stories about how dangerous this is and other, you know help leave up the (inaudible), in the background (inaudible), because if you think about it is the one industry, the one industry that the united states still hold, a, a, to hold on worldwide.

David: Yeah, the monopoly maybe.
Collier: Yeah, the, the Boeing, is, it’s still the world leader, like you know, you have cars, we do have some great deal and all them, but with aircraft is really awesome airbus, and that’s it.

David: Yeah, I thinks it’s amazing the, so there’s two crashes, one on recently Ethiopian Air, uh the other one was back in October, Lion Air out on Indonesia, uh and I think that was a hundred seventy people on the first one in October and another Hundred and Fifty plus on this one recently, now you would think this kind of headline, this kind of problem would kill the company right?

Collier: Yeah, but this one is bi, this is a big company.

David: This is huge, so, Boeing recently, as a, I think earlier this year was trading around 420, 420 dollars share, Monday the news was, this week in Monday the stock opened down at the bottom, on day one was 365 a share, the average daily volume it’s been 4 million, before this is 30 million in shares traded daily this week.

Collier: Thirty million, that means we have people playing the fluctuations right now.

David: Yeah, there’s a lot of day traders in there certainly playing swings but there’s still a lot of volume but it looks like, because today it came out and grounded all the US (inaudible).

Collier: Trump, Trump Did and he did the right thing, he should have done it earlier quite frankly.

David: And the stock has still not broken down below three seventy so it seems like three seventy is a base right here because I don’t know how the news gets any worse, if all those planes are grounded everybody knows the financial impact.

Collier: And it’s software related, you know that is so crazy, we know you’re an engineer to think, I mean when I think of planes, I think of engineering marvels of sticking rotors move, it’s not (inaudible), input of computers, right? So, the idea, the, the, what is gonna come out is a soft, a software issue for a plane.

David: Yeah.

Collier: I mean, it’s hard to believe.

David: Oh absolutely, I think it was something after the takeoff, the pitch of the nose, it has self-correcting.

Collier: Mechanism.

David: Self-correcting mechanism that was causing (inaudible).

Collier: And then the pilot respond with his training and he end up with counter bounce situation that next that you know you’re doing, you know splat into the ground.

David: Yeah, yeah, so uh, so very interesting what’s going on in the story around Boeing, the stock of the planes, obviously tragedy for the life’s lost (inaudible).

Collier: Oh absolutely!

David: You know the danger that It could be but.

Collier: But it’s still the safest form of air travel, I mean air travel is the safest form of travel in the world, still other than cruising, I love cruising, much better.

David: Absolutely!

Collier: But, will be there in two weeks, or one week, he keeps saying one week, I think is like one week and a half, so I round up so I don’t get to excited, but anyway (inaudible), for the week.

David: All right, right now four point three (inaudible), on the thirty year, three point seven six on the fifteen year they’re really not moving around that much, I, I don’t expect a whole lot of movement this year, I think, the uh, is just my opinion. I think the housing market is just gonna be protected, the fed is (inaudible), rates, their rates lift up a little bit so if anything gets crazy they have room to pull back, and I think they will do that, just to protect the housing market to make sure (inaudible).

Collier: Now that is down, about a eight and a point from last week if my math is correct, correct?

David: Probably not that big of a difference, but I don’t think (inaudible).

Collier: An 8 is not a lot.

David: Yeah I don’t think they moved a whole lot but they might be down a little bit.

Collier: Well that’s good, it’s certainly good for the market and you know what best thing is, uh, (inaudible), have held their own too for savings account, we’re talking about, market banks still hold right around 2.25 or 2.2. Somewhere in there, if, if, if you get those, uh, refund checks from the IRS, stock them away (inaudible), what you can do with it.

David: True, true story, next stop is, uh, Birmingham market, area market stats.
Collier: Yeah, I hear the Birmingham market were still at inventory lows, we are down almost eight percent, year over year and.

David: Inventory.

Collier: Inventory, that’s correct and you know it’s really funny they, the slack inventory, we’re gonna pick up a little bit, but a lot of that is coming natural, uh, increase right? You’re gonna sense an increase cause is coming from nothing to something, it’s gonna sense like its back, where is affecting is only purchase, right? You’re going out there selling your home, you don’t have where to go.

David: True, yeah a lot of people are having to figure out something, in the meantime (inaudible) because contingency officers are not popular.

Collier: Why would I, I don’t need it.

David: Yeah.

Collier: You know and they so, so the number single family homes are rose by, by two percent year over year with nine hundred and thirty two houses sell on single family homes luckily uh, ninety eight, (inaudible), hundred condos sold, now that is about a quarter, about twenty five percent decrease year over year and that’s just as supply for (inaudible), less of those guys even available, bought or sold, just the number of them are a lot lower than single families, one thing I found, that you’ll find very interesting was that, I went at looking at the sold statistics, and I think is placing what I see every day, when we saw sales happening was seventy five to about a hundred and fifty and then every, they’re in the (inaudible). Then, from about a hundred and fifty up to about three fifty, then four hundred, somewhere about that range, so about two hundred thousand right there in the middle, nothing, down in the negatives, numbers year over year, right? And then once we got up over five hundred you say increase year over year, I think is really interesting because I think that is where are getting affected most, right there middle class, that group we would rely on, to move up.

David: which is where their inventory is not changing.

Collier: The inventory is just not changing right there in the middle.

David: I think that’s where the concentration of buyers is, so, uh, whatever is brought on the market is consumed uh you know faster than (inaudible).

Collier: And I guess you’ll always gonna have, always gonna have, an entry level of some kind, whether if they can afford it or not, now you know (inaudible), I was thinking about the other day, what were on entry level and stuff. I was listening somebody talk about, like maybe was uh one of this crazy liberals they run out for (inaudible), fifteen dollars per hour and like somebody says are you telling me that a frag (inaudible), is making thirty one thousand dollars a year.

David: Yeah, I’m telling you I was in New York last week.

Collier: That’s just crazy.

David: and that’s one of the places where fifteen dollar minimum wage is and I mean, everything up there is expensive, so I don’t see how you can live without, I don’t see how thirty one dollar (inaudible), could make it.

Collier: No, I don’t say it makes it, but (inaudible), to think, cause, cause see me, you should’ve want to be a fry cook for long, right, I mean, it was never meant to be there.

David: But, but I think those fifteen dollar hour wage areas are relative right? So.

Collier: (Inaudible).

David: It’s so expensive to live there.

Collier: But, but Bernie wants to bring everybody.

David: Oh yeah.

Collier: You got to put a small business to bring him out of business, I mean if you do that, so, alright, you, David, you sent me this article, you found it and it was, let’s say, the five unwritten (inaudible), rules home buyers might not even realize are a big deal and you know I read it and said David you nailed it.

David: The (inaudible), rules, yeah.

Collier: You’re ruined, if you don’t, if, if you do these things.

David: Unwritten rules number 1, see a house online that you love, don’t call a listing agent.

Collier: Don’t call the listing agent, have your own representation, first of all, listing agents love it, but you’re not doing yourself a favor right?

David: You, you know and as funny as it is I hear so much talk about getting rid of realtors, and getting rid of mortgage people and (inaudible), the people don’t know how little people know about the real estate business. The commissions, that the buyer doesn’t pay real state commissions at the listing agent representing the seller, and there is a lot of little things that are unknown and this is one of the listing agents represents the seller.

Collier: And you’re not saving yourself the money cause guess how much the selling, the listing agent is paid.

David: Double.

Collier: Yeah, they just get paid the exact same thing.

David: They get paid double.

Collier: So, thank you, you got no representation, your only being stupid if you did that, right?

David: Number 2 is don’t ask your agents to show you homes until you sign a buyer-broker agreement.

Collier: Yeah, truly important because you have no legal rights, uh, and, for the agent as well, they don’t have any, until that, that is (inaudible), is kinda like when you go to your lawyer’s office, you’re gonna have that in rod and hey, what, what the fees are gonna be. What are the expectations of the person and you wanna be represented even if the seller’s listing agent is paying for the, the seller’s paying the listing agent for your agent’s services sing up by that (inaudible), gonna protect you.

David: Yeah absolutely, actually number three, don’t make an offer without mortgage pre-approval. Now we see this all the time and people don’t understand it, now the importance is, I mean, that they sell it specially in multiple offers, why would they take a deal If they haven’t talk to a mortgage company, why would you even write an offer on a house if you don’t know how much is gonna cost.

Collier: It’s crazy.

David: It doesn’t make any sense.

Collier: No.

David: I mean, people go to test drive cars all day without knowing how they’re gonna afford it, that’s different.

Collier: Totally different.

David: Right?

Collier: We’re in a totally different industry, it’s not as regulated as our industry is, here is the thing, car dealership can manipulate numbers in terms of having get you qualify, or they can hold the note, they can do tons of different things but can happen to ninety percent of loans in America.

David: Yeah, there is too atonic cars that are sold without any down payment. I mean we’ve got closing cost, we’ve got all kinds of stuff, there’s money that is gonna be involved bring to the table the car industry also has a lot more leniency on credits, we’ve got a lot more guidelines and restrictions on credit. So, I just don’t understand it if you don’t the cash require and the monthly payment, uh what is to take, to buy the house, why do you waste everybody’s time looking at it and write and offer.

Collier: Wait, I’ll, I’ll even put this on (inaudible), don’t be late for home showings or bale entirely and don’t do that when your mortgage sets up a meeting to meet with you in the near office, cause guess what, they’re spending time to get ready for you and is just rude, you’re rude, if you do that.

David: You know, one of the, one of the beautiful things about our business is that you know obviously there is a cost but you get a lot of information from us for free, right? There is a lot of stuff that we don’t charge for. Attorney’s charge for every hour you spend with them, a lot of places charge for everything you do but not with us.

Collier: Well, because here is the thing we’re planning for those meetings, believe it or not, is what we do for our job I think some of those people don’t look back at their own lives a go for their job, and go how would I feel? Right? Especially if someone is good at a job, you’re good at your job and you always do your homework before that meeting, what’s the market telling me for this person in this area, I mean for this credit area, the risk, what are the rates gonna, because you know the questions they’re about to ask.

David: Right, absolutely, number 5 is, don’t pretend you’re ready to buy if you know you’re really not ready and that also goes with don’t try to hide it, don’t try to hide things, let’s, don’t get you know, into the process, you’re like, oh, I didn’t realize you were going to find out, we find out everything.

Collier: Or I haven’t told to my husband that we were looking, that never works out.

David: Yeah.

Collier: I mean so, just, if you are ready to buy let’s go do it, let’s go buy a house, and that’s the other thing right now in this market when we talk about low inventory/ high demand if you’re gonna make an offer of a house, make an offer and make it real, because you have no chance if you’re gonna (inaudible), most of these houses.

David: Absolutely, absolutely, next stop, we got fifteen profitable insurance claims and how to avoid them.

Collier: Yeah, big, one of the, wall street journal a few weeks ago had a article that came out talking about we have so much going on in our homes today that, uh, water is probably where we see more risks and more people are filling claims that in any other item and water has presented so many different issues because you have rising water, you got water comes out of a pipe, she got and different cover levels for different things, a septic backup, nasty, that’s nasty, different things like that and, one of them. A couple of things they talk about,(inaudible), is washing machine miss haves making that all the fittings are in place, making sure, we have this happen not too long ago in a brand new house out of rose bridge, umm, the workers had, were getting ready to, uh, they put everything there, everything right, workers have had finished up the house, you know when they were cleaning some cheap rock up, they just push it down a little drain hole and no one saw it cause you know your builder never actually runs this stuff before the, before, they don’t bring a house in to see if they don’t back up, well they put in some by it, and (inaudible), they ended up with brand new house, flooded the entire downstairs, cause of course the grandfather was trying to help him out with a few things as they were moving in and ended up with the river, no (inaudible).

David: Number 2, bathtub, shower growl in edge leaks.

Collier: Big one, and remember, one of the big ones here with that is it, most of these bathrooms are in upper levels so water only goes into one place and it goes down.

David: Absolutely.

Collier: One of the biggest things that the home inspectors are checking in right now, is double checking cause kids come out of the shower or myself, cause I’m bad about this you know (inaudible), right on the shower is making sure when you come out, make sure all that is sealed right there, cause water gets behind the (inaudible), of the sub floor and eventually.

David: It’s gonna cause damage.

Collier: Yeah, absolutely. Toilet issues. Number three, toilet issues, same thing, wax ring goes bad, water running, that’s really not too bad if just, (inaudible), cause is just gonna hit you in the wallet, but the wax ring can cause more problems or crack toilet.

David: That old wax ring?

Collier: That’s nasty.

David: how often do you say that? Number four, then some more water problems refrigerated water supply leaks.

Collier: You don’t think, you think that the water actually gets to your, uh, gets to your little plan, put the cup up too, water comes out, well there’s a water line coming from somewhere, and there’s a water line within the refrigerator and a lot of times when this problems happen, is internally coming upon because the water has to come from the water purifier down and around and under. I think a lot of them come under like, anyway, long story short, because you can’t see underneath that fridge you still need to check those sinks (inaudible), out of it and check that filter, I know so many people that have never changed that filter, you know is in the back, unscrew it there, unscrew it occasionally, check it, pay for it, man I don’t need this, do it ‘cause you’re gonna find that is, gonna save you a lot of money from problems.

David: Number 5, roof leaks and collapses, that step will surely cause a lot of problems.

Collier: Yeah, loose (inaudible), I mean, I had, as not getting your gutters cleaned up, uh not big deal, right?

David: Gutters can feel up in.

Collier: Overlap, that tries, ‘cause you think, cause what’s happening, you don’t run out, in the middle of the rain, oh jeez let me see how its working, you don’t ever do that, so, you gotta trust the gutters were not made to permanently hold something.

David: Right.

Collier: Hey, they were temporarily.

David: They’re there to drain.

Collier: That’s exactly right, uh, chimneys and fireplaces, right, well this is a big one, because, fire, you know often times either smoke, lots of times what we heard from clients is smoke backups, floor not being cleaned out, being able to easily being opened, uh cracks in the (inaudible), in the firebox itself, not keeping that sealed. They’re really, I think for the most part a lot of the, is not a scam cause the, but the chimney cleaners, if you don’t use it very often don’t do it, but you need to really check that box, right there, and of course on top of your chimney, just make sure that that has nothing growing over there or cracked on top either.

David: Yeah, definitely you need to keep those cleaned up, number seven hot water heater leaks, more water problems.

Collier: Yeah, it’s all about water.

David: A lot of water issues.

Collier: And by the way, why do we say hot water? If it’s a water heater, it isn’t actually gonna be hot water.

David: You know, you haven’t bought a cold water heater.

Collier: No, I’ve never, uh this is another one, uh where we overload power outlets, uh, just, or plugs get loose, and we go, “I’m gonna worry about that later” especially if you have children, what do they do? They pull on those type things, look this are livewires or reverse polarity, and we see that in a lot of houses, where the positive or negative switch, it can cause waters to go hot, and just, it’s not good, cooking or candle fires in uh, candles, there is a thing, women love candles, right, we don’t see many dudes with them except the ones that are talking it, you know they love candles and incense stuff, but look, you have a daughter right? I mean.
David: Yeah.

Collier: Sometimes, they get carried away with doing other stuff and forget that they.

David: You forget the candles there.

Collier: Absolutely and, you know, I’d say the most clever thing in a place around this a few years ago I had a client and I couldn’t figure out what this extra switch was for, (inaudible), well he said, his daughter is about your daughter’s age, well I got seek and tired of leaving her current while I out and on, when she leave the house, so, she always plugged in, she always put the current (inaudible), on the switch, right? To solve that problem, he said, my house didn’t get burned out by her.

David: But turn off the whole room huh?

Collier: Absolutely.

David: Your (inaudible), open in theft.

Collier: Well this is something inevitable, I Mean, this stuff is random coded, this uh, what do you call it huh? There’s always so many codes that this door openers can have.

David: Yeah, yeah.

Collier: I don’t think this is a big deal, what I do think is a big deal is not them stealing your car, as much as it is stealing your stuff.

David: Yeah.

Collier: If they can take it that out, but there’s ways around that, like having other stuff there, your furnace, hey again just making sure that that furnace is not leaking gas, oh the lights! We have a motion sensor here.

David: There we go.

Collier: Anyway yeah, just making sure that the furnace is checked out, I have to say, every year, checked out by inspect technicians money where I spend, just make sure you got to the (inaudible), company that is not out there though, when they do this checks, to observe you every time, ask your realtor, they’ll tell you who the good ones are, next one.

David: Theft and vandalism.

Collier: Yeah, are you protected? And you have the locks in place? Do you have huh?

David: A security system.

Collier: A security system or I’ll tell you what, just having a flood like (inaudible), right.

David: Do you regularly check that the doors are locked when you leave?

Collier: Yeah, you cats by the way are not gonna save you.

David: They’re not, they are not!

Collier: Man! I cannot believe that your cat, and I don’t mean do that (inaudible), but I mean, jeez.

David: I mean, but I don’t, I don’t need a guard dog.

Collier: (Laughter), this is another one we can see on inspections a lot, dishwasher leaks, and again part of the problems is a lot of the water, its source is from behind the unit.
?David: Yeah, and this next one will justify the cats in the house, dog-related injuries and bites, see there? I don’t have that problem.

Collier: The injuries and scratches and they bite the heck out, I mean they don’t bite the heck out, they claw the heck out of you.

David: They don’t bother any of my guests, they go away.

Collier: You have those little coffee, (inaudible).

David: Sounds like you have some problems.

Collier: I just, I mean, cats just don’t (inaudible).

David: Got some issues.

Collier: Here is the thing, we talk about this some of the early episodes of the Real State Happy Hour, the cats, and then somebody did a study that said that the cat really wants to kill you and eat you if it could.

David: My, don’t.

Collier: No, no, they really do if they were wild, you say they really love you.

David: If they were wild, you put this crazy if (inaudible).
Collier: She was a Jaguar.

David: But, if it was a Jaguar it would other stuff too (inaudible).

Collier: Sleeping fall accidents, here’s another one, and common sense is making sure you check outside it. Were those danger points (inaudible), we say it all the time by the way, you put your house on the market, you got a big hole in the middle of the yard, get that fix, I’m talking to you as a lawyer right now, get that filled in because guess who they’re gonna sue? You, it’s your house.

David: For 75 million.

Collier: Yeah, this guy will, not that he knows about it, so there’s a fifteen profitable.

David: Profitable insurance claim, says uh, just remember number fourteen, dog injuries and bites. Ok next is coming up, the stocks personal finances, alright so we got just in time for Sarah Adams, uh, to hit the stock section.

Collier: I mean, I mean, she is brilliant.

David: Listen, Carvana, I mean ok look.

Collier: You cause me to lose money.

David: Listen, I told Collier that it was, in a down trip, it was until it wasn’t.

Collier: (Laughter).

David: And you didn’t watch it, if you look, if you’re gonna time the market, all right, you need to watch it all the time ok?

Collier: Yeah.

David: You need to watch it every day, once it breaks the down train is off the races, up to ten bucks last week, what’s up (inaudible), thank you buddy, on ten bucks is last week, yeah, yeah you missed it, I mean.

Collier: Nothing ticks last week and then (inaudible), 20 between the times you told you not to.

David: But, but it’s gonna be a great lesson next time you catch it, Ebay new CEO is splitting up some city areas like Stub hub.

Collier: Yeah, yeah (inaudible), and they’re smaller classify (inaudible), over the years, they just keep buying this subsidiary class companies.

David: Yeah.

Collier: Was going to say, classify add companies, not classify like secret right and Ebay, this guy is basically a boring business, people got tired of that traditional, beating model.

David: Another option, yeah.

Collier: ‘Cause Amazon had, was making money without all that you just got two people and a place to go. Cause this new CEO apparently knows what he’s doing and from your guy Jim Kramer a (inaudible).

David: All right next, Uber (inaudible), is coming I saw that today in a headline (inaudible).

Collier: By Lift not Uber.

David: Snap up again, listen, Snap has sustained the move I told everybody.

Collier: You did.

David: Listen, the social media, the social media pattern, Facebook was nothing until the first earning reports of how to get money, twitter same thing, nothing until the first earnings reports that showed they could make some money, Snap, last earnings reports before the stock moved up showed earnings ok? It’s happening, you’ve seen it happen in other stocks before.

Collier: I would like to get our money back.

David: (Inaudible), 11 dollars and some change, IPO 14, so we’re still below.

Collier: We need 1380 folks, 1380 on the back even.

David: Cash Cow, what you got on Cash Cow?

Collier: Yeah, Cash Cow, look it plays along with that we said a minute ago about Amazon, Cash Cow is a great alternative if you get in the grocery, here’s the thing, and we all need groceries, right? Cash Cow is a great play, they’re a membership driven model, it’s not driven by the costs, its driven by the consumer getting the best pricing on most of the food items that your buying (inaudible), but for them is wine, liquor, and liquor now, and all the fine meats, and this type things, very low margins, you say low margins but no, this membership models, they have a very dedicated, in 59 dollars, yeah or 129 or whatever it is.

David: Fixed fee, fixed fee.

Collier: It rolls over, it’s a great model buy Cash Cow in these levels.

David: Cash cow and then you have Amazon.

Collier: Yeah, what scares me is someone whose wife is in there, is a pharmacist for a large supermarket chain publics uh which is fantastically private health company, what scares, or should scare everybody is in that area and amazon is now outside of all food is gonna get in or in into the traditional grocery game and this could be (inaudible).

David: It about all foods? Was that part of buying all foods?

Collier: Well, they were testing, I think they were testing out, now they’re gonna take it and the question is you got like, uh, let’s say I like your (inaudible), speaking about your shampoos, those type things you charge, those type things a guy gets on a vehicle and once she get all that stuff in the store as well and, remember they’re just like Cash Cow, they’re margins, they don’t have it early on, they can put a lot of this moms and pops right on out of business.

David: Absolutely, absolutely.

Collier: And is good for one more thing, it’s interesting on that, it says, it is funny on the freaking modern Walmart, but it gets interesting if Walmart gets a taste of their own medicine. Remember Walmart and the nanny’s in late eighties and everyone saying they’re putting every mom and pop out of business. Well they might get a dose of that with Amazon.

David: Yeah, coming back at it huh?

Collier: Yeah!

David: Yeah true, Now couple of stocks set us all today or this week, I was surprised CMG is Chipotle Mexican Group, it is uh, (inaudible) fast food actually did a good bid, I think it’s great, 640 dollars a share they’re up 45 percent this year, unbelievable.

Collier: Chipotle, I mean, it’s always busy but yeah, you know, I mean the food, I, I don’t like the food, I know that you get a lot of food, what do you get when you go?

David: Ah, I just get a ball rice and beans, lettuce, sour cream, cheese, salsa.

Collier: All for (inaudible), you know what’s interesting about chipotle, do you know who owns chipotle to begin with?

David: No.

Collier: Mc Donald’s!

David: Mc Donald’s?

Collier: They’re a spinoff of Mc Donald’s; Dave Mc Donald’s said they still have them.

David: Oh, absolutely and then we got, Tesla in 290’s.

Collier: Like in Saint Patrick’s Day.

David: Two Hundred and ninety dollars a share, alright, I’m gonna go ahead and tell you that I don’t know what the problems are right now, the cars isn’t in sell, or the most recent model, listen, it’s a long term buy, two hundred ninety bucks a share, Elon Musk is gonna, if anybody is gonna figure out (inaudible).

Collier: He’s got the Monday throw at it. I mean it’s kinda like everybody.

David: It’ll be fun, bye bye.

Collier: You looked, you know, you and I love the cruising industry, everybody, cause we love (inaudible), keep buying it, um, you’re not talking about Richard Branson coming out with his new cruise line right? The best thing about Richard Branson is that he will make it work, I mean, he’s got the money to do it.

David: Yeah, Branson do it.

Collier: And he just did one of this companies like Tesla, they would figure it out, now the question is in the near termini long term, so that’s one of the big things there is, Tesla is gotta come out, they’re coming out with the traditional SUV size. Now full size, but more cause I think the (inaudible), it’s gotta be built in the car platform, but it’s gonna be interesting and the question is where they, where they build all the technology, the batteries, those type of things. You know interesting thing I saw this week was, how can we really get energy independent, would be, the proposal on the long term is, how can we electrify we can actually recharge in the roads, like when you are driving on the road, this battery driven cars, and actually have, and well when you’re driving on say, how on two eighty out here, and stop as you’re going.

David: Yeah, recharge.
?Collier: Recharging it, someone would say it with, you know your battery on your watch, or when you just laid it on there, was fascinating, ten years ago we, this was even a thought, it’s just amazing that we’re already there.

David: Absolutely.

Collier: Welcome to the future folks!

David: Absolutely!

Collier: All right.

David: And that’s a wrap!

Collier: It is, we are, we do appreciate everyone watching, don’t forget to hit the like button and share this with your friends and also don’t forget the podcast, the podcast wherever you can find great pod. Spotify, Stitcher, Apple podcast and Google podcast, everywhere we’re there anyways, so we’ll see you next week at four o’clock, same time, same place in the next week, we’ll see you from Saint Morgan I believe.

David: Maybe.

Collier: I think, all right we’ll see you next week.

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