Real Estate Happy Hour Show - Episode 48

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Cupid is Ready to Shoot His Arrow, the  Real Estate Happy Hour Show Valentines Edition is on the Air! On today’s show Collier Swecker and David Arnette are talking about the Top 10 Items Buyers Are Finding Sellers Need to on Inspection Reports, Mortgage Interest Rate Update, Some Stock Picks and 7 Ways to Find Money to Invest. Join us every Thursday at 4pm for the live show on Facebook Live or watch or listen to the Real Estate Happy Hour on replay or listen to the podcast that can be found on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify, and Tunein Radio.

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David: Watch.

Collier: All right, 4 o’clock on Thursday! So, that means it’s time!

David: It’s 4:30.

Collier: Hey 4:30, we’re, we’re running a little behind, but we had some technical difficulties, but it’s time for the Real Estate Happy Hour!

David: Yes! Yeah, Happy Hour Valentine’s Day edition, so we apologize for being late, we are.?

Collier: On location!

David: Yeah we’re on location, we’re at a listing.

Collier: Yeah!

David: One of your new listings out in Chelsea, Alabama.

Collier: Ab-absolutely! We are at make sure I get the address right, hey it’s very important that you go take a look at this, it’s 205 Wood Bridge Trail, here in Chelsea, Alabama, just a beautiful house. Man, it is massive I was setting some stuff up here and you weren’t looking, you were gone for 10 minutes.

David: Yeah, we were checking things out, looking around, trying to see everything that’s at the house here and very cool, very cool, so big house, you got a lotta, a lotta of animals, big 100 huh?

Collier: Absolutely, absolutely! Big 100, I was trying to show you a picture of that marlin, but it’s a big marlin right over your shoulder.

David: Yeah right, right over here.

Collier: I mean, he’s got a bear, a cage, there it is.

David: Yeah.

Collier: He’s got some bear sketch, a lot of fish!

David: Yeah.

Collier: And we gotta, just gotta a lot of house and good price on it too so.

David: Yeah, big time!

Collier: It’s on!

David: So what, what are we talking about today? We’ve got some, some topic, sub-topic, the top 10 deficiencies discovered by home inspectors.

Collier: Absolutely, big deal right?

David: And then we’ve got a couple of, I’ve got a new book here “A Boggle head’s investment guide”, we are looking at the 7 ways to save money for investing so, we’re gonna roll!

Collier: And, and, and by the way did you see there’s, there’s a story out it’s talking about, I was thinking about a buddy that’s about to get married and man, they are blowing a ton of money on this wedding and the beautiful thing is the dad of daughters.

David: Yeah.

Collier: Imma have to show them this article that says the more you spend on a wedding, the more likely you’re to get divorced.

David: Ain’t that something???

Collier: Ain’t that beautiful for our wallet?

David: That’s crazy huh? ??

Collier: Yes

David: The amount of money that is spent on, on weddings sometimes is shocking what people do!??

Collier: It is crazy!

David: Yeah.??

Collier: I mean people go and you know what it is? It’s that not only did the daughter always want that dream wedding, it’s momma too.

David: Oh yeah.??

Collier: And then daddy’s just forced to pay for it.

?David: Right. ?

Collier: You know what I mean? ?

David: It’s good to see Duben Dorfer, thanks for tuning in

??Collier: That hey, we haven’t seen him in a while.

David: I know.??

Collier: Good I’m glad he’s tuning in, but oh by the way did you see? We’ve been talking about prices lately and we’ve been talking about how prices have been going up and up and up and that sort of thing, what’s really interesting, an article came out the other day that talked about I believe it was the Wall Street Journal, talking about West Coast couples, you know just young professionals and that, that they wanna get into a house, but they can’t afford it. So, they have to have roommates, I mean you get married, you’re so excited about all that grown-up stuff.

David: Interesting, very interesting that you have to, just to pay for the mortgage, you’re gonna extra people leaving with ya to offset that huge expense. ??

Collier: You thought that was done at college.

David: Right.

??Collier: And then now hey.

David: That’s, that’s the new thing but hey, you know it’s, it’s along the same lines of shared transportation, you know they have shared cars or something else so.??

Collier: They do! What right there, you can even lease your car out.

David: Yeah.??

Collier: In some of these places, hey one more thing I was gonna tell ya about, you know what’s driving me nuts? Everybody’s talking about oh we don’t have money around here, you know around Birmingham area about to fund this project, that project, but how many of these, you know these electronic boards that you go by that says what’s that alert? Amber alert, be on the lookout, but that’s like every 2 months.

David: Yeah.??

Collier: Hey, how much would Pepsi or Budweiser pay for that right? We’ve seen the other ones, let’s make a little money, let’s fund it baby! Or let’s press our watches over passes while we’re at it, I mention that about twice a year.

David: Yeah, who knows? I mean I did, I looked up the ol’ 2059 project today.

Collier: Ah!

David: Saw some, some pictures of, of the construction, man they’ve got a lot of stuff going on, I don’t drive up that way very often so, I don’t see it first-hand.

Collier: If you were a realtor, you would.

David: They got a lot of stuff going on.

Collier: Well I tell ya, it’s just crazy going on over that and by the way, did you see President Trump’s childhood home just got listed by some folks and realtors up in let’s say Jamaica Estates in.

David: Queens!

Collier: The Queens.

David: The Queens, New York, yeah interesting more headlines on Trump today, were the, the signing a bill and, and they’re gonna be fighting over this Government shutdown again pretty soon huh?

Collier: Well the, we’re gonna avoid the shutdown.

David: (Inaudible).

Collier: But we’re gonna be fighting over, apparently we’re gonna be fighting over the National emergency.

David: Yeah Nat, State of emergency.

Collier: State of emergency, National emergency (laughter).

David: But anyway yeah, his, his childhood house listed at 2.9 million, prior to the election it was only 1.6 million.

Collier: That’s what you talk taking advantage of the situation.

David: I mean that’s almost double! In what, a couple of years?

Collier: I mean.

David: Three years?

Collier: I guess in his favor, in the listing’s pictures they have a cardboard cut out of him in the corner.

David: Yeah.

Collier: In like a couple of the rooms.

David: Yeah, so they have a cardboard cutout of young Donald?

Collier: No yeah well, that’s right and here’s the key, only Donald can afford it because guess what? You guys are gonna hate this, only cash offers.

David: No, that’s fine I mean, you know you, think of, think about a loan on, on you know 2 mill, a 2 million dollar loan, not a lot of people, banks don’t like those, they like 2, 3, 4 hundred thousand (laughter).

Collier: Yeah.

David: At a time.

Collier: I mean what, what are we talking about here?

David: They don’t like to tie up that much debt.

Collier: And I’ll bear I mean that might be cheap right?

David: Oh yeah.??Collier: I mean it’s just weird up there.

David: Well yeah, I mean, I guess I’m talking about Alabama lending, you know in New York they might be used to that kind of deal.

Collier: Well yeah, obviously!

David: Yeah.

Collier: And you know what’s funny? When we went up there last time, I was asking the tour guide I said, you know we’re out in not Queens, but I think Brooklyn, Brooklyn I guess area and I asked him I said what are these obviously rich people do for a living? She goes why I really don’t know, they all say they’re car dealers, but we never see new cars anywhere.

David: Yeah.

Collier: In other words, it was just a, a ruse.

David: They say they’re car dealers huh?

Collier: Absolutely, but all right interest rate update, we’re, we’re.

David: Yeah, interest rates aren’t changing a lot yet, you know up and down a little bit, but not really enough to move the needle, still around 4 and a half on a, a 30 year fixed, little bit under 4% on a 15 year fixed, so not really a big deal there, not a whole lot of movement and markets are relatively stable. So looking there, next we’ve got the 10 deficiencies discovered by who was this, home inspections?

Collier: Yeah, yeah, home inspections, a, a website called Repair Pricer in conjunction with the Dallas Morning News, did a study and they analyzed 5,000 inspection reports and these are the things that really, if you just take care of these things you probably gonna take, take away literally have of the reports that we see right? Because these, these inspectors are putting every last thing in there and if you take away the stuff that’s silly and inexpensive like the first one, which is smoke alarms aren’t working or are missing, 62% percent.

David: Hey, look I’ll tell ya, I’m, I’m guilty of this ok? When those things start beeping or when the battery’s low or whatever, drives me nuts!

Collier: Are you throwing stuff?

David: Yeah, man, look I would admit that I’ve actually taken one down and it kept beeping, I got so upset with the thing that I wrapped it in a towel and put it outside on the deck under the grill.

Collier: Under the grill? What did.

David: Yeah, so that I couldn’t hear it anymore, it was probably the middle of the night, I don’t know man.

Collier: Man, I don’t know what you were doing, I mean that’s pretty intense.

David: Yeah, well look.

Collier: To stop a beeping.

David: Look, it might’ve been the middle of the night, but yes I guarantee the smoke alarm’s missing is probably a big deal.

Collier: Yeah, I, I think, (inaudible due to crosstalk).

David: So, invest in some batteries, invest in some batteries and fix ‘em right?

Collier: Well doors need adjusting and servicing, 62% again! And this is such an easy thing because literally, you just end up going to the door jam and just usually, it’s a little tighter.

David: Yeah.

Collier: To pull it in and stop, a little looser to pull it out.

David: Yep.

Collier: Easy to fix and, and here’s the thing, buyers are going to look at the house so differently at that than they ever will when they move in.

David: Yeah, yeah and, and these little things really do pop up a lot like the next one at GFCI, the ground fault circuit interrupter. I those aren’t working, those get flagged every time don’t they?

Collier: Yeah I mean, you know we’re, we’re sitting right off a kitchen, this is a, like a sitting room right off a kitchen and you can just see right over by the wet area, anywhere there’s a wet area you’re gonna have a GFI right? And so they’re easy to test right? Because you can have, it test but nodal.

David: Absolutely, yeah.

Collier: And, and you know that’s over 60% right there that have that so.

David: Now this next one, is gonna admit I’m not gonna be grading this one, exterior caulking and sealer that are missing now that, that would take actually going around and, and.

Collier: And actually working?

David: Checking all that stuff on the exterior house right?

Collier: Yeah, that would take you off your peloton that you, you know you have, you’re in the air conditioning and all that doing your workout.

David: Yeah.

Collier: And make you work out side.

David: Yeah.

Collier: That’s a little much for you huh?

David: Yeah.

Collier: Me too, but anyway 59% of the reports now that, so it’s a big deal!

David: Yeah, next one faucets and heads that need servicing, listen I’ve got a couple of these right now the, the leaky faucets, the, the handles on the sinks, that are, that are leaking probably need replacing, that’s an easy one huh?

Collier: Ab, ab, absolutely I mean just, just bulbs, just hey even Auburn graduates can do that.

David: Even Auburn graduates can move right on to the next one, which is deficiency with fixtures and bulbs.

Collier: Oh yeah.

David: (Laughter), yeah.

Collier: I was on bulbs already.

David: Yeah.

Collier: ‘Cause I’ve been, I’ve been locked and loaded with that one right?

David: Dude that was one of your favorites.

Collier: I mean, Ashley Miller who’s watching us right now, even he can screw in a light bulb, I mean for gosh sake’s! If you’re gonna sell your house make the light bulbs are screwed in.

David: Hey, especially now we’ve got these light bulbs that last for.

Collier: Forever.

David: For 4 years right?

Collier: I mean yeah, yeah, right we’re being forced to do that anyway.

David: Next one, next one, cosmetic sheet rack, crack sheet rock.

Collier: Huh?

David: Yeah, sheet rock cracks or nail pops.

Collier: Right, right, right, nail pops, easy to fix I mean your, your local realtor can get you a lot of suggestions on who can fix this stuff ‘cause if you don’t know what you’re doing, don’t do it ‘cause it’s gonna, it’s probably a little bit you have to have some level of expertise to do it right.

David: Yeah.

Collier: You and I can mud this wall, but it may not turn out just right.

David: Yeah it may look like crap, it may look worse than the nail pops that I could’ve left alone.

Collier: Yes, they were painted over properly.

David: Yeah.

Collier: Out, outlets or switches with deficiencies.

David: Yep, yep, that’s a, now these are actually, are pretty easy to change out, switch, electrical switches and things like that, you know listen just make sure that you go to the breaker box and turn that off right?

Collier: Heh, yeah, yeah, well I.

David: Good to see Mom’s watching.

Collier: Hey, your mom’s here?

David: Yeah, yeah, she’s tuning in.

Collier: Mrs. Arnette, good to see you! Thanks for coming.

David: We’ve got plenty of things, we’ve got like a different crowd today with, with my phone on there.

Collier: Yeah, we’re using his phone today.

David: Since the iPhone didn’t work.

Collier: So we’ve got.

David: And he always gives me a hard time about the Android so.

Collier: Well, mom’s here and that’s all that matters.

David: That’s it.

Collier: But, you know one thing.

David: Oh, Valentine’s Day, Happy Valentine’s Day, mom.

Collier: Well, one thing about moms knows is that clean outlet plates matter because women don’t wanna see griming when they’re coming through your house, they don’t wanna see your funk on switches and plates, so think about that.

David: Yeah.

Collier: You’re, you’re, you’re trying to sell something that is grimy, man it’s a little disgusting right? ‘Cause people are OK with their funk, they’re not OK with your funk.

David: Absolutely, so you gotta, you gotta check on these little details where, where a mess might stand out, like that on, on a light switch right? Problems with electrical service panel.

Collier: (Laughter).

David: This one maybe a little bit more.??

Collier: Yeah, this is where we hire the expert you know I mean hey, the electrical service panel if you’re in the older areas of town, what you’re gonna have is the fuses, you might have to deal with knob and tube wiring that leads into that electrical panel, if you’re an old house.

David: The old, the old knob and tube.

?Collier: The old knob and tube nothing like it, now that being said you also don’t wanna overload it new, new as a.

David: All right.??

Collier: As a light, one of the lights just went out anyway, the.

David: It might be a little dark now.??

Collier: There we go, let’s see the lot does not offer proper drainage.

David: You know that’d be another one.?

Collier: That’s a big deal.

David: That’d be another one, I’d have to defer to a, a professional, we’re gonna try to get our lights changed around a little bit, I think it’s probably gonna be all right though, but that’d be another I’d defer to the professional as far as the lot drainage, that’s something that is outside of my comfort zone or doing a lot of work with right?

Collier: Absolutely!

David: So moving on, let’s see here so, I, I started reading a new book this week it’s called “The Boggle head’s guide to investing”, I actually think is bogle heads.??Collier: Is it David Bogle?

David: No, it’s Jack Bogle.

Collier: Oh, it’s not David either right?

David: So look, look it’s a lot brighter when I put the book up huh?

Collier: Yeah.

David: Yeah, very nice.

Collier: It focused on it.

David: We’ll keep that (laughter), anyway so, Jack Bogle is the founder of Vanguard Index Funds, they are a low cost index fund and these people have been filed with him and just bank huge fans of him and put the book together, a few people as Mel Lindhour, Taylor Laremore, Michael LeBuff, (recording of David’s voice in the background). So, here’s what I’ve got 7 ways to find money to invest, these are just ideas for you to look at your, your personal life and figure out where can we come up with some extra cash to put into investing? Now the first one, but it basically says above all saving is the key to wealth, first one’s cut back on spending ‘cause obviously reducing spending is the same thing as saving right?

Collier: It would be the, if, if you have any money and you don’t spend it.

David: But it’s funny, I don’t think people think about it that way, but it is true if you spend less that is the same as saving money so it, it, it suggests to carry a notepad and write down everything you spend money on. A couple of, of suggestions on how to save some money, walk or ride a bike to work, catch a cab if, if that’s economical, maybe a coffee, making coffee at home versus Starbucks, obviously that one comes up a lot, Starbucks over the last 10 years or so.?

Collier: Packing a lunch though takes sooo much time you know what I mean?

David: And you’re gonna have to wake up a little earlier right?

Collier: Yes!??

David: And, and get that done or actually rent a movie instead of taking the whole family to the theater so.

Collier: Well I agree with that, now who doesn’t like that?

David: Certainly that’s gonna save some dollars.??

Collier: Absolutely.

David: Next one, is number 2 is pay yourself first.

??Collier: I agree with this one thousand percent.

David: (Inaudible due to crosstalk).??

Collier: Especially those that work for yourselves.

David: Yeah, as soon as you get paid take some money off the top, now some people can, can have this diverted into a 401K straight out their paycheck, so you take 10% right off the top put it into a 401K or something like that, but whatever you do, you know take some off the top pay yourself first before you start paying bills.?

Collier: Well I mean that goes for everything we do right? I mean you’re gonna tie it, take that 10% ‘cause here’s the thing you won’t notice it’s gone, I don’t care if you took 20% out you’re probably not gonna notice it’s gone now ‘cause you, you’re gonna adjust your spending accordingly, but if you dart telling it where to go you’re probably in trouble.

David: Absolutely, now one of my favorites is one the reasons why I wanted to, to mention this today and this one really stood out to me when I, when I read through this was committing future pay increases to investing. I know a lot of people won’t think about this naturally, but many people get in the habit of spending everything they earn right? So, it’s like whatever’s left is I can, I can spend it so, here’s your opportunity if you’re in that, if you’ve made that mistake and I’ll admit I’ve made the mistake so.??

Collier: We all have I think.

David: So, if you’re in that boat and you get an opportunity at, at a raise or a new job where you’re gonna get paid more, it’s a, it’s a great opportunity to just live with the spending level you’ve become accustomed to and put all that extra money away for a little while at least.

Collier: Also, totally agree with this one, again it goes back to what you and I we’re talking about last week about you know like when you, you get done paying that car down like Sarah Adams right here, when she gets her Range Rover gets paid off. Hey Sarah, don’t go buy another car not that she, she would, but ‘cause she you know she’s a little thrifty too like we are, but don’t go buy another car just so you can get in another car payment.

David: Right absolutely and that’s, that’s gonna be one of the topics coming up, next one is shop for used items, thrift stores, garage sales, things like that they men, mention clothing, tools, furniture, technology, all the stuff you can save a ton of money on it, all that savings you can divert to investing. Now obviously, the book is by Jack or based on Jack Bogle and Vanguard, so you know investing is money into index funds, which is a broad swath of the market right? So, it’s not individual stocks, which is a little bit safer huh?

Collier: It, it is 100% safer now, I say have a little fun I mean use something like Robin Hood took on back out there, but with your retirement money some are like Sarah Adams I know ‘cause I’ve talked to her about it, she’s a very conservative investor, she wants it to be there. At the same time with Sarah, what are you 30 right? She’s got a long time than she has to worry about, so she can a little riskier in those investments, so take some chances.

David: But the biggest thing there is, to just get some of this money diverted into savings as early as possible ‘cause starting is obviously the biggest deal, now the next used item to save money on is yeah you know what, the next one is don’t drive yourself to the poor house. ??

Collier: (Laughter).

David: Which is we’re talking about cars of course, everybody buys cars, everybody finances cars, I thought it was amazing that General Motors makes more profit from car loans than from selling cars.??

Collier: That I mean, that’s mind Bogoling get it?

David: Mind Bogoling.

??Collier: Mind Bogoling.

David: Very good.

?Collier: Instead of mind boggling, I mean wow, you know it’s funny if you forget GM credit, Toyota credit, all those.

David: Yeah.??

Collier: They’re financed companies.

David: They are and a lot of people finance cars and when you get out of that car loan, it’s like you, you almost are just accustomed to having a, a loan, so the car is 4 or 6 years old, it’s got a hundred thousand miles on it, you’re like let’s go buy a new one.??

Collier: I mean I love a nice car, when I’ve rented one or something I mean.

David: Yeah.?

Collier: ‘Cause, because it’s funny like we’ll be renting 1 for a week and you, you might go get a nice one for the week, but it’s funny by about mid-week it’s kinda lost its luster of the, I mean ‘cause the first couple days you’re like maan.

David: ‘Cause you, you haven’t lost that payment though have you???

Collier: No, no, not when you own it yourself.

David: Yeah, yeah, that, that oh yeah, but that payment, the brand new car, the brand new car might wear off but the payment definitely stay there.??

Collier: Well, well, one thing I would suggest is what Clark Howard says is go rent the car, if you’re thinking about buying 1, go rent that model of car ‘cause is kinda like I can imagine some people with a, what do you call a, a drop top, a convertible? I think that’s gonna be one of those things, where you kinda go man it sounded good, but all the different things when it rains it’s gonna make a ton of noise, all these things that may not be the best car you’ve ever had.

David: Yeah absolutely, next one is move where the cost of living is cheaper, now I did find this one pretty interesting, this may not be practical for everybody, you may not be able to just pick up and move and choose wherever you’re gonna live, but I thought it’s interesting for you to look at your situation and think they see if the supplies and all, but a move from Newport Beach, California, granted.

Collier: Phenomenal place.

David: That just sounds expensive right? From there to anywhere in Florida.

Collier: Ok, but.

David: Anywhere!??

Collier: I think it’s expensive when I just think about that right?

David: Anywhere in Florida is, would, would reduce living costs by more than 50% according to, so that’s a huge drop in the cost of living we’re talking about gas, groceries.??

Collier: No, no, no state income tax.

David: Yeah all of that stuff, another example from New England, New England where you hate the, the winter.

??Collier: And I hate Tom Brady.

David: And he hates Tom Brady, so from New England to Phoenix dropped about 40%, so that sounds like some retirement golfers’ right? Phoenix always think about retirement golfers.?

Collier: I think about that, I think about snakes, rattlesnakes.

David: There you go.??

Collier: Like grey ones, the buttoned in.

David: Cheaper, cheaper to live than, than New England, I know we’ve got some, some fairway friends up in the Boston area, so they can probably attest to the cost of living up there.??

Collier: And cold!

David: So that’s, that’s, that’s number 6 was move where the cost of living’s cheaper, number 7 this has been a really popular one lately is create a side income.

??Collier: Absolutely, creating that side income is I mean, it’s massive right? Uber.

David: We’ve got, we’ve got Lyft, Shift right now is the grocery store delivery stuff.??

Collier: Well I think a lot of firemen for instance, a lot of firemen in the, doing what? Yard work, those type things on the weekends.

David: Yeah.??

Collier: And a lot of them do it, where think of shift work if you’re on shift work like a fireman is, alternating with somebody that is on the opposite schedule that has a similar need.

David: Yeah.

Collier: So, you can cover all 7 days if you will from a, to mow lawns.

David: Yeah and a job like a fireman’s specifically is great because if you can stay there long enough to get that retirement is, is excellent, I know, I know a few people that have done that and, and that’s always great.

Collier: Hey by the way, the host, the guy that is hosting us is right now on the Happy Hour, Howard you’ve a beautiful house.

David: Thank you Howard for letting us crash, we’ve, we’ve had some technical difficulties and we’ve, we’ve, we’re kinda managing around it but.?

Collier: Yeah I mean.

David: I don’t know what happened.??

Collier: Yes and this, this marlin he caught that Maaan! It is a beauty!

David: Yep, cruising around Sullivan, the bears and everything else in here but finished up on that, you know a couple of rental houses, things like that would be awesome for, for side income. One thing I did wanna bring up was some quotes that I thought was unbelievable.

??Collier: It’s lasted how many years?

David: In the Bogle, it was mind Bogling.

?Collier: It’s mind Bogling.

David: That this came out about 250 years ago from our buddy Benjamin Franklin in 1758, I didn’t even know he wrote ‘em, he wrote an essay of something called “The Way to Wealth”. ??

Collier: He, he, this is a guy like Howard Cannon that is a master of a ton of different things.

David: So, so, if you got back to 1758 what are you, what are you blowing your money on back then?

??Collier: Well, women and booze probably ‘cause there’s not much else to do if you’re in colonial America right?

David: Same thing you’re doing now.??

Collier: Well not me.

David: Oh.??

Collier: Not me I’m happily married, but, but, but I mean I, I, I’m just guessing ‘cause he’s a single dude.

David: (Laughter).??

Collier: (laughter), I mean.

David: Well.

Collier: I mean but he’s a single guy in colonial America, I mean.

David: I thought this are beautiful, there’s, there’s some quotes in here that it’s just amazing they came out 270 years and it tells you that we’re still not listening today, one of them you should probably heard “Early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise”.

Collier: Hey, Sarah Adams is watching us and she says that to Jessie every morning.

David: Oh absolutely! Next one is “There are no gains without pains”, I guess he was the first to say it, it says.??

Collier: Nick Saban’s just keeps saying it.

David: Yeah, since it’s been changed, years ago would be “Beware of little expenses, a small leak will sink a big ship”.??

Collier: That, that may be the most important one you hear today.

David: Man with and I think with the debit card and the credit card, you know those little expenses, man, it’s so easy to swipe.

??Collier: And don’t use a debit card.

David: Swipe that 6 dollar coffee or, or swipe 12 bucks at lunch.

?Collier: Well you know I was, I was talking the other day to somebody, talked about, we talked about the debit card, not using the debit card and what they had done is they had put on, they’ve got some wedding photographs from their daughter’s wedding or son’s wedding and they had used a debit card to pay for it. Well, come to find out about 6, 7 weeks later the photography couple that did the wedding is getting a divorce and just disbanding the company, when they went to challenge their charge, the bank said tough luck your money’s been transferred because you used a debit card, you do not have the legal protections that you do with a credit card, you know? Yeah, I know some people say I, I don’t trust myself well you need to grow up a little and be able to control the money just a hair.

David: You just grow up a little.

??Collier: Well and I’m not passing judgment on the people, they didn’t know that those protections were gone.

David: Yeah.??Collier: But one you know that, use it.

David: Yeah, I know we’ve talked about that in, in, in shows before, so definitely look into that difference between the credit card and debit card protections. Last one from our buddy Ben Franklin in 1758 was “For age and want save while you may, no morning sun lasts a whole day” ??

Collier: Yes?

David: (Laughter), is that the word???

Collier: I mean this is talking backwards, but.

David: So, so you gotta.??

Collier: What’s he saying?

David: You’re, you’re saying you gotta, you gotta make hay while the sun’s shining, you’re, save while you’re making money, so you’re, you’re making the most money when you’re younger save that money early and it, it’ll.

Collier: Amazing that the insight that somebody had back then and we don’t even to they.

David: We still don’t listen to they.

Collier: Not even the Government does it, I mean that’s the biggest problem right? Those guys were visionaries, I mean it’s different, I mean there’s so many books, good books about that time in our history.

David: Well, I thought it was interesting a couple, a couple of stocks that you wanted to bring up today one of ‘em Activision, Activision just absolutely getting hammered lately, it looks like they missed earnings, it looks like they’re gaining segment, gaining market, gaining something. ??

Collier: You talked to us about Fortnite, what, what, Fortnite is owned by who?

David: Well Fort, I think.??

Collier: Electronic Arts?

David: Yeah, I think Fortnite is somebody else.??

Collier: But, but that really.

David: Fortnite is doing well, Fortnite is doing well, Activision right now’s trading to 40, little less than 46 dollars a share, high, the high October, just last October 83 bucks, so it’s almost been cut in half.

?Collier: So is it a buyer right now?

David: Oh, I don’t, I don’t know I, I think there’s more trouble.

?Collier: Man.

David: It doesn’t look good.??

Collier: All right, talk about this next one.

David: The next one is Twilio, I mean talk about a tale, tale, two stories here, two completely different stories, Activision tanking who know where it’s going, Twilio well 240% in 1 year.??

Collier: And this is a company that is the only player in what they do, which is.

David: Cloud-based???

Collier: They’re cloud-based, but they do, they, they, anytime you go somewhere and they do text messaging right? Through the, through an app they’re the facilitator of that, so for instance we have software we use in our website and I was talking to the developer the other day and I was like man, I love how yawl’s functionality on that and he goes yeah it’s Twilio, it’s a direct integration of Twilio that his customer, me doesn’t even recognize is that it’s a third party. He said it’s the only game in town because they have the patents, they have the right, it’s a defensible, you and I were talking about defensible, it’s defensible when you have the best technology.

David: Yeah, way to op, absolutely I mean and, and you know some of the stories I was reading today was some of these people are chasing this thing with the fear of missing out, because they, you know they feel like they missed, missed the boat. Some analysts are saying I’m not gonna chase a stock like this up as high as it is, but look it’s just absolutely killing it.??

Collier: Well and the analysts I mean, believe or not I mean they said this thing may have room to roll right?

David: Yeah, yeah, it may have room to go but still any time you chase a stock, it’s gonna, it’s gonna break your heart when it turns around and you’ll losing money in a position on a stock that’s up to 100+ percent.

Collier: All right so, to recap the 2 today Activision, I say if you’re ready to dabble a little bit take a chance on a stock that has a history of doing well.

David: It’s definitely down, but it.

Collier: It’s down.

David: It’s a good probably. ??

Collier: It’s some real value there, I mean it’s a real company that it’s a, that stayed the test of time, it’s not one of these companies that just came around, the other one Twilio, when you’re the only game in town you may take a chance with them.

David: Both of them are games so.??

Collier: And talk to people real quick though, ‘cause about stop losses, if you wanted to play a game like Twilio and limit your losses, you can put an order in and tell ‘em hey, if it gets here sell it.

David: Yeah, I don’t remember what, I think it was trading somewhere around 130 bucks I could be wrong on that, I looked at it today, but yes if you brought it at 130 dollars and you put a stop loss at let’s say 120, something bad happened and then you know once the stock hit 120, you order would kick, so you don’t have to watch it everyday. Obviously if you’re trading volatile stocks, you can use this type of stock lost thing, so if it hits 120 your order will get triggered and they will share your shares.??

Collier: At a market rate.

David: At a market rate as close to 120 as they can get, so that anyone don’t have to sit there, watch it all day and have the heart, the heart burn of a stock.

Collier: Yeah I mean, I tell ya it’s good but well.

David: Good to see, good to see Joyce joining in there today late, that reminds me we did have our, a chili cook-off yesterday at the office.

??Collier: And how was that?

David: It was great! We had a good time, a good turnout.??

Collier: Did you cook?

David: No, I did not.??

Collier: You just eat?

David: Yeah.??

Collier: Yes (in unison with David), yeah all right.

David: So, we had probably about 10 or 12 crock pots of chili, a lot of people came out, had a good time.?

Collier: Y’all, are y’all raising money with that or?

David: Well, we did a little test run for the, the Exceptional Foundation Chili Cook-Off I think it marks the second.

Collier: Great organization by the way.

David: Yeah, great organization and we are the tidal sponsor for their chili cook-off, so we did a little test run with our recipe that we’re gonna be making for the masses that day.

Collier: Y’all testing the recipe, I mean is it, by the way you know real chili does not have beans in it don’t ya? So.

David: Don’t they???

Collier: No, it doesn’t but like.

David: Who? No, you can’t substantiate them, real chili???

Collier: Real, if.

David: No.??Collier: Go ask any chef a real chili does not have chili beans in it, it really doesn’t, honest to God.

David: Who said is real chili?

?Collier: Ken Williams!

David: I said it’s real chili.??

Collier: Oh, it’s fake I mean, but it’s fine if y’all having a fake chili cook-off.

David: N-no. ??

Collier: Yep I’ll be, beceive you’re smart you go.

David: Beceive.??

Collier: Down with everybody.

David: The sea, no.

??Collier: You’re going like you’re wrong, you’re wrong, you’re wrong.

David: (Laughter). ??

Collier: Oh man.

David: You’re really silly.

Collier: Anyway man, thanks to Howard Cannon.

David: Yeah.

Collier: The owner of this house, it’s a-again, we’re gonna put a link down below so you can take a look at it because it is a beaut!

David: And thank you to Android for, for saving us today on being able to broadcast on the.??

Collier: Yeah, we’re getting too much latency I believe.

David: On the interweb.

?Collier: On the interweb and anyway, 205 Woodbridge Trail in Chelsea, Camera wood subdivision, 625 what a deal, I mean this house is massive! I mean it’s nearly 7,000 square feet.

David: Unbelievable!??

Collier: It’s got a 3-car garage, I mean just a beauty.

David: Come see it.

?Collier: Anyway, don’t forget the podcast! The podcast is out every week wherever you can find great.

David: Pod.??

Collier: Pod, you can download it that’s Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, Stitcher, Spotify.

David: Yeah, but we’d rather you just join us here live, you know on Thursday afternoon you’re not doing anything else we know that, so just come on in and sit, sit with us for a few minutes.??

Collier: Absolutely! And we’re gonna switch probably in the next couple of weeks, I know we’ve been saying it to our Facebook live from The Real Estate Happy Hour show page. You know the thing is Facebook doesn’t make it easy to, to go both (laughter), to go both ways I guess if you will, which is, which is I don’t know I’m cracking myself up, but to go on these personal pages and then also the business pages, they don’t make it easy, so we’re gonna work through that and anyway, we will see ya next Thursday at 4 o’clock on the dot. ?

David: Unless we have problems.??

Collier: Well that’s right and hopefully the Government doesn’t shut down now and then oh, Sarah would like to talk about pools, what do you know about pools?

David: I think Sarah wants, she, she wants to talk about pools next week, what, what specifically are we talking about with pools???

Collier: No.

David: Does she need to put one in the backyard or???

Collier: I know the backstory on this, she’s trying well I’m gonna, she wants us to talk Jessie out of the swimming pool.

David: Out of putting one in the, the yard.

Collier: Yeah, that reminds me of Cousin Eddie, you know when he was I don’t know which one that was, I think it’s when Clark’s dreaming of his pool in Christmas vacation and that’s what she envisions too, you know ‘cause Jessie’s one of a kind you know? And.

David: One of a kind.

Collier: And she says that as a mum, but hey why, she let him go by a pool, I mean a, a, a house that had a flat backyard and room for a pool.

David: There you go.

Collier: I mean.

David: So, I think Collier just said it’s kind of your fault too.

??Collier: Yeah I mean, yeah I mean, you married up and do you wanna disappoint him and make him sad on Valentine’s Day?

David: Yeah, not on Valentine’s Day, let’s talk about that next week.??

Collier: Yeah, all right we’re gonna talk about it next week, we’re gonna talk about swimming pools! All right, we’ll see ya next Thursday same time, same pla, well same place and we’ll see you then, have a great week!

David: See you guys!

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