Real Estate Happy Hour Show - Episode 37

Watch the Real Estate Happy Hour Show - Episode 37!

On Episode 37, Get Ready to Gobble Up the Real Estate Happy Hour Show - Thanksgiving Edition with the two coolest Turkeys, Collier Swecker and David Arnette. On today’s show the guys are talking about the Top 7 Reasons You Need to List Your Home For Sale During the Holidays| A General Overview of the Real Estate Market | An Update on Current Mortgage Interest Rates | and A Look at the Stock Market that has given Up Nearly all of its 2018 Gains in 2018 . Oh and we can’t forget the final regular season College Football picks!

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Collier: All right! We are back! Welcome to the Real Estate Happy Hour Show!

David: Here we go! Hey, back from the cruise!

Collier: Man! How was it?

David: Man, we got a little “Africa” playing and listen this is gonna be a great reminder for Courtney about our beautiful cruise, because I did this song karaoke and she loved it!

Collier: She did?

David: Loved it!

Collier: Did you bring the house down?

David: Oh man! I made some other idiots get up there, they felt, they felt OK to get up there after they heard me sing.

Collier: After they heard you? I mean.

David: Yeah, they were like I can’t be as bad as that guy.

Collier: Had you, had he done, “That’s what friends are for” and “We are the world”, have you eliminated that?

David: No, I was shotten down after that one so.

Collier: You were the last one, right?

David: We’re gonna have to find a playlist, but man! Today we have, we got some updates on Administration, we’ll talk about the cruise of course.

Collier: Real estate a little.

David: We’ll talk about the real estate market, some stuff that’s come up this week, just talking to buyers and 7 reasons to list your house have some great stock picks, I’m really excited for stock picks so you guys tune in and stay tuned for those.

Collier: It’s gonna be amazing!

David: And some college picks man.

Collier: Hey the college fun, hey does it get any better? This week I’m talking about Duke and Auburn last night.

David: Duke and Auburn?

Collier: (Laughter), hey ‘cause you know I’ve been telling all the Alabama fans all week hey, we’re a basketball school not a football school so.

David: And they hung in there huh?

Collier: Hey, lost only by 6! What a.

David: That’s pretty impressive!

Collier: Hey, there’s Jay Day up, up north, north up in the Baltimore area, good to see Jay!

David: Thank you Ray, happy Thanksgiving to you, happy Thanksgiving to everybody out there! Gonna be an exciting time this weekend with, with some time off with the family and some turkey and football.

Collier: Absolutely and pie!

David: Yeah, yeah, short week’s I hope everybody loves that.

Collier: By the way speaking of that, are you a dressing or a stuffing kinda guy?

David: I think, I think is dressing.

Collier: I do too, I mean I’m starting to see more and more people call out stuffing, but I think that indicates you’re from the North!

David: Stove tops stuffing is what I sued to have.

Collier: Stove tops stuffing, that’s what you had in college.

David: Is that a thing, is that a thing?

Collier: With your top Ramen.

David: Yeah, yeah.

Collier: I mean (laughter).

David: But man, let me tell you the cruise was awesome! We went down in the Caribbean, there was Grand Cayman around to Colombia, Panama, Cozumel, I gotta say Colombia first time on another continent for me.?

Collier: Check that one off.

David: Check that one off.

Collier: Absolutely!

David: South America, you know it wasn’t too dangerous in Colombia, couple places were, Colombia was really nice!

Collier: Yeah, hold on, hold on, this is nice that your standard is it wasn’t too dangerous, that’s your standard for the cruise?

David: Yeah Panama, I think Panama obviously looked a little questionable, the city of Colon, lot of, lot of trash in the streets, very dirty area.

Collier: This is only just on the coast obviously.

David: Along Panama yeah, now we drove about an hour in, inland to a little short excursion and then got on the Panama Canal, which was very cool.

Collier: Was that awesome?

David: Yeah, I thought it was awesome, I mean some people might not think that.

Collier: That’s a natural Wonder, well no, not natural wonder.

David: Maybe.

Collier: It didn’t all of a sudden have lights.

David: Yeah (laughter).

Collier: God said let there be locks!

David: (Laughter), yeah, yeah, we, went, I think we were monkey hunting on the Panama Canal.

Collier: Monkey hunting? Really?

David: Yeah so, in those rain forests.

Collier: Yeah.

David: Monkeys are in the trees.

Collier: Yeah?

David: Yeah, very cool and then another, I guess Costa.

Collier: Costa Rica.

David: Costa Rica, they were saying it wasn’t real safe to be out by yourself.

Collier: Hey, it’s nice when the cruise line’s telling you it’s not safe.

David: Actually our tour guide.

Collier: Oh your tour guide, ok.

David: Yeah, the tour guide told us it was not a good idea.?

Collier: Oh, so the boat’s going great! Have a good time!

David: Yeah, see you later!

Collier: Yeah.

David: Hope you make it back!

Collier: Absolutely and Mexico right?

David: Mexico, Costa Maya, interesting little place, a lot of vendors, a lot of solicitation.

Collier: A lot of anything you want.

David: All the time, I mean non-stop cigars, hats, sharp teeth, whatever.

Collier: Might as be in New York City.

David: Yeah, Cozumel though Cozumel was great, it was probably the best stop of, a lot of fun.

Collier: Favorite drink? Favorite tropical drink you drank?

David: Maybe the, the frozen Mojito was interesting.

Collier: Good, yeah, very tropical.

David: But, the Tequila tasting down in Cozumel was, was a lot of fun and the, the infused Tequilas and stuff like that.

Collier: Infused Tequilas?

David: Well, they had like an Amaretto flavor.

Collier: Right.

David: They had a coffee flavor, a couple of other ones, but that was, that was cool.

Collier: Man! That is what now, talk about your ship a little just, we’re gonna in just a minute.

David: Yeah.

Collier: Talk about that.

David: Yeah, the ship was really nice, big, big ship obviously, one day we parked next to “The Allure of the Seas”.

Collier: And then all of a sudden, you felt.

David: Another Royal and it was huge! It was, it was really big but, it’s amazing how much you know, we did take the tour through the kitchen and everything’s amazing, how much the food they crank out, how many pounds of beef and cheese and milk and just everything that they have for these cruises.

Collier: And their planning, one of the things that you’ve never taken in that tour is mind blowing.

David: Yeah, how they, how they coordinate everything and just.

Collier: Two weeks in advance I think they say, right?

David: Yeah.

Collier: They’re getting demographic stuff.

David: Yeah, but, a lot of fun, lot of fun, obviously you spend a lot of time on the boat but.

Collier: Absolutely.

David: It was, it was very entertaining.

Collier: That’s incredible! Well, talk to us about interest rates this week, where are we?

David: Oh yeah, interest rates right now were, were, I think the week before I left we were moving up and then last week we came back down so, we’re kind of break even on that but around 4.8 on a 30 year fixed, 4.81 as the number at Freddy Mac Mortgage Market survey is, is where I’m quoting this information from, 4.24 on a 15 year fixed so.

Collier: 24 say, that is higher ‘cause we were quoting last week on the show we talked about, you could still get a 15 years fixed in the 3’s at 3.95 I mean, very high 3’s but so, they’ve gone up a little bit there maybe.

David: Yeah, yeah, yeah, so and they’re talking about right now the reason that rates are pulling back a little bit is because of the, the dropping oil prices.

Collier: Ok.

David: And the stock market volatility, man you know, in doing some research for today I know I looked at a couple of new stocks later on in the segment, but I noticed they’re just a huge correction in the market in the last week of September so, right before that October line on all of these charts, they’re just, they’re streaming straight down, all these stocks pulling back and I think that was the interest rate fears when they got a little bit worse right? And it might’ve been some of the, the banter back and forth betreen, between Trump and the FED.

Collier: And the FED yep, absolutely.

David: And I know that Jim Kramer has now gotten on board with, and he may not be saying he’s on board with Trump, but he is saying the FED is no paying attention to the right things, they’re not doing their research, they’re not doing homework and they need to, he said they need to talk CEOs and find out where the market’s up, what’s wrong with the economy?

Collier: Right.

David: What’s going on? Because you know, they’re looking at a great economy and I guess Kramer’s getting some information from CEOs.

Collier: Well and.

David: Saying is not as awesome.

Collier: Well you’re getting some that aren’t but then, you have Disney that blew out earnings.

David: Right.?

Collier: In all facets of their business so, and that’s the thing he’s, I think they’re trying to convey is that we can’t, it’s not monolithic, we gotta look at the sectors and.

David: Yeah and I feel like you know, that most people on that side are saying that you’re, you’re threatening to raise rates too fast so, whatever great things you think are in the economy if you raise them too fast, you’re gonna, you’re gonna strangle some of that and it’s gonna the other, it’s gonna turn the other way quickly and that’s what they’re trying to avoid.

Collier: Well, let’s hope they do.

David: Absolutely, absolutely! Well so, that’s a little bit on, on the market rates we’re at right now and I wanna talk to you, I had a client this week I was talking with and I wanna get some of your, your input on this ‘cause I thought selling this stuff was interesting right now with the real estate market we’re coming out.

Collier: I know, it’s crazy.

David: Of the seller’s market you know, and some buyers feel like just because they are maybe a great file, clean, quick, close that don’t get a discount.

Collier: What he’s really saying is they don’t think their stuff stinks.

David: Right.

Collier: And they’re perfect, I, I, I should be rewarded by 10 thousand dollars and they should take my offer.

David: Yeah also that, being a great burrow, a clean file and the time of year you know, I just you know I know you call people, you call professionals to get opinions right?

Collier: (Soft laughter).

David: And I think.

Collier: We all do.

David: And I think, different things apply right now than have in years past.

Collier: Yeah, sure.

David: So being November, the fact that is November doesn’t mean that you’re gonna get a huge deal.

Collier: It means that you’re gonna have a need, well in this market it means that you’re gonna and all things being equal, you’re gonna go to the front of the line, you’re not, look, somebody’s not gonna just reduce their price because you can pay cash even.

David: Right.

Collier: ‘Cause guess what, you’re in the mortgage business and when y’all come to the table, y’all are wiring.

David: Cash, yeah.

Collier: Cash, it’s the same thing.

David: It’s the same, yeah so, if you got one buyer that’s approved and another buyer they’re the same as cash you know, now granted there can be some hiccups, the bank can screw up delivering the mortgage, whatever.

Collier: And I think at the higher levels, it’s even more important to go this doesn’t matter.

David: But you’re still, as the seller you’re still getting that money so.

Collier: The seller doesn’t care, shouldn’t.

David: Yeah, I feel like.

Collier: Shouldn’t care.

David: I feel like the only houses you’re gonna get deals on right now, are gonna be the ones that’ve been on the market for a while.

Collier: Which is not many, look at least in our market you know, I know Jay Day’s on here from that triad of D.C. you know, that Virginia, Baltimore area, they may have a totally different market, but here in Birmingham we have no inventory.

David: And if they are on the market for a while, there’s a reason right?

Collier: Absolutely.

David: And that’s part of the reason why you get a discount, not because of November.

Collier: No, because something’s wrong with the house.

David: And not because you’re.

Collier: It’s either overpriced, bad condition.

David: Yeah so, just know there’s different, there’s different dynamics in this real estate market right now that I think people, they, they don’t think about and you know, houses, good houses that do come on the market, they’re still gonna be competitive, they’re still gonna have multiple buyers. This time of year you’ve got the holidays coming up so, not many people wanna buy into a project you know, they’re.

Collier: Right, right.

David: Not looking to add a remodeled job, a house that’s in poor condition, we gotta put a bunch of work into this right before Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Collier: You know I talked about it earlier, about Clark Howard came out with a statement this week, talking about the finance group or some finance group and they were saying one of the problems we’re seeing with the prices increasing so fast, is that they’re increasing so fast they’re not keeping up with income. In other words, people are getting those raises and everything as quickly and at all price points right? I mean if you’re working at McDonald’s and you wanna move up to a clerical job, I mean there’s nothing wrong with those jobs but, they’re the least, that pay, that pay the least right? So, if they’re not getting raises here to allow them to move up, they’re not gonna move in and then you can take that all the way up to a doctor right? I mean so, we need to take all of this into account and not kinda hope really that the market kinda just levels out and chills out.

David: Yeah, yeah, they need to level out because you don’t, you’re not gonna have interest rates coming down the other side of that equation or price is gonna be your interest rate or you know, lead into your monthly payment right? So, if prices go up and rates go down, then you’re, you’re gonna have the same affordability, affordability hasn’t changed so we’re not having that, rates are still gonna keep going up or stay level so, we need prices to stay level so our affordability.

Collier: Right, it’s gonna be interesting to see how, ‘cause if you and we’re gonna talk it about when we talk about the stock market but, what you see in the stock market for crying out loud, is a rollercoaster.

David: A lot of volatility and that’s.

Collier: And hopefully we don’t see that in, and again we’ve talked about it week after week this not 2008 right?

David: Right.

Collier: Totally different this situation.

David: Yeah.

Collier: I mean, we have fundamentals that are really good.

David: But, there’s always gonna be concerns, always gonna be fear when you have a transition and I think that’s where we’re at, we’re transitioning into a different type of market so, expect that it’s just part of it, I mean we can’t have roses and butterflies everyday right?

Collier: Yeah (laughter), no, we just make money that’s all right? I mean.

David: Yeah, we just sell houses, do loans and just.

Collier: Everybody just keeps moving right?

David: Non-stop, non-stop.

Collier: It doesn’t make sense and you get to, you know too the other thing is too, in a market that’s moving like ours we’re talking to people all the time about it’s still hyper local right? I mean, just because you’re in say Hoover, Alabama right? Doesn’t mean it’s the same in Trussville, Alabama, you can have a totally different market in those 2 cities.

David: That’s my buddy Duben Dorfer tuning in, Happy Thanksgiving buddy! Oh, just got, just got water today it’s a little too early, I’m gonna drive, see some family.

Collier: (Laughter), it’s never, it’s 5 o’ clock somewhere.

David: Somewhere (in unison with Collier).?

Collier: But you know.

David: Over in the Atlantic.

Collier: Somewhere it is.

David: Somewhere.

Collier: Absolutely, well tell us a little bit about what you’re seeing in terms of are y’all able to still get stuff done in 30 days and those time frames?

David: Yeah, yeah, actually you know the business is slower, market, the time of year, inventory’s down so, listen we can get things done faster obviously right now, because we don’t have the same numbers, we don’t have the same volume, so obviously we can turn things faster right now and that’s another thing I’m seeing a lot is a lot of contracts are getting written and with less you know, or they’re getting to me with about 3 weeks to close so, we’re seeing that a good bit  right now.

Collier: And they’re able to get ‘em done in 21 days?

David: Yeah, yeah, we’re able to get those done and I think that some buyers are trying to do that to be more competitive, you know what I mean? They want, they wanna look better to the seller, they wanna make it more attractive.

Collier: Well, I, I, and we talk about it all the time, do you guys, the earlier we involve you guys the better off.

David: Absolutely.

Collier: Everybody is.

David: Yeah and we can always do the pre-approval up front and, and cut that time frame down even more.

Collier: You’re talking that pre-approval, acting running credit and everything.??

David: Yeah we’re talking about, yeah we’re talking about getting docs signed with a TBD address.

Collier: Got ya.

David: Going to underwriting, you know applications signed I mean, everything.

Collier: That, the whole thing and I think that’s a big difference.

David: And then all we need is address and appraisal.

Collier: Right, ‘cause we talked about it, we’ve talked about it before about the difference between the, the letter that we can get, I mean basically if you have a pulse you can, a lot of people lie about that and they go.

David: Yeah.

Collier: Tell the vendor I promise you I make 300 thousand a year, whatever and y’all give him a letter because if you look at the letter it says subject to us actually seeing any of this stuff.

David: Yeah and I think it’s interesting you know, as markets change, as things get different and more competitive, we always see new things right? And one of them is this process of getting officially pre-approved, having an underwriter look at it, having W2’s, paste offs, having a loan, an underwriter’s loan approval on the file.

Collier: Underwriters well, yep.

David: It’s always been possible, but it’s just, it’s more of a buzzword now, it’s more popular, people wanna talk about it and so, it’s definitely something that you see more of and it’s a great idea, I mean obviously you can cut down on problems, you can close quicker, which is something that everybody wants.

Collier: One thing I’m gonna throw you before for a limb, I might ask you a question I haven’t even asked you ‘cause I actually just saw the news today.

David: Here we go.

Collier: Here we go so, this is always fun, no.

David: Always fun.

Collier: FDIC came up with something they’re trying to propose that says that some loans won’t have to have an appraisal, do you know anything about that? They will not be anything Government bound.

David: No idea, I’m just kidding (laughter),

Collier: Yeah, great (laughter).

David: So, so yeah, there are times were we run into not needing an appraisal and it’s, there you know.

Collier: When are those?

David: the, typically it’s gonna be when you have a conventional loan with a larger down payment.

Collier: Ok.

David: And good credit scores, I mean it’s gonna be a good file but there’s, there’s gonna be typically a larger down payment so, there’s a little bit less risk so, you’re looking at less risk ok?

Collier: Ok if I’m a buyer and I got 30% down, can I know that up front from you guys that I want that loan that doesn’t have an appraisal, can I request that kind of loan?

David: No, it’s gonna be particular to the property because there, there are functions inside our loan software where we run to get your automated approval.

Collier: Yeah, right.

David: That bounces the price, the purchase price off the databases for that address.

Collier: Ok.

David: So, it’s not gonna be particular to the BAR, a lot of times it’s gonna be a combination of the BAR, but it’s definitely particular to the address obviously because they’re checking that purchase price on, against databases on whether that seems reasonable.

Collier: Now what is in the benefit, I mean obviously I’m sitting here going ‘cause and you and I know that the banks just don’t stop getting appraisals for no reason, what is their rationale for not getting an appraisal?

David: The fact would just be that, that the purchase price submitted seems reasonable and logical and the equity position on the property.

Collier: Hey, they all seem reasonable to me.

David: Well yeah.

Collier: Of course submitting them.

David: Of course!

Collier: I mean you know.

David: Yeah, yeah.

Collier: We wouldn’t have any problems.

David: Right, but the bank’s gonna have a little bit more margin because the BAR word, say the BAR has 20 or 30% down right?

Collier: All right, 20, 30, yeah, right.

David: So, so if you were lending the money.

Collier: Man.??David: Would you rather lend 95% of the price or 70% of the price?

Collier: You’re right and, and what you’ve talked about before too is going back to ’08, what got eaten up was that 20%.

David: Yeah.

Collier: It was not the, generally speaking the banks were okay post-80%.

??David: Right, if we have, if we have a correction like that which is rare then you know, banks were not planning on having a crisis.

Collier: And they’re insured, over-insured, over-insured.

David: Right, right.

Collier: So, they were not losing money.

David: Yeah, yeah.

Collier: You guys are smart.

David: The, hey, we try to be right?

Collier: (Laughter), well moving on we got 7 reasons, hey thought it was just, hey it’s Thanksgiving! If you’re watching the replay or what, listening to the podcast we are recording the day before Thanksgiving 2018.

David: Yeah.

Collier: And so.

David: And we’re kinda of a big deal so that’s why we have a podcast right?

??Collier: Yeah we have a podcast, go anywhere you can get good pod. ??

David: Good pod.??

Collier: Great pod, Apple podcasts, Spotify, Google podcast, all those places, go find The Happy Hour!

David: Go find it!

Collier: Anyway!

David: Seven reasons to list your house during this holiday season, what are they?

Collier: ‘Cause hey, first one relocation buyers are out there because really think about it, they’re trying to do something while they have time ‘cause the company wants them to do it on.

David: Yeah.

Collier: Holiday time right? They don’t, ‘cause they don’t wanna take it off of their times, we’re seeing it I mean I talked to a guy today selling his house, he, were sellers but were relocation sellers right?

David: Right.

Collier: So he’s, but he’s going somewhere and he’s buying anyway you know, they’re hiring throughout the holidays, it a good time ‘cause everything’s kinda wound down and they wanna show ‘em off.

David: Yes.

Collier: So, everybody’s on their best behavior.

David: Now and sometimes, sometimes those relocation buyers can be a little bit easier to work with, a little more flexible right?

Collier: Yeah, why ‘cause they’re incentivized to be.

David: They got incentivized, incentives to company can kick in a little bit of help too if they need.

Collier: Absolutely! And you know, number 2 was purchasers who are looking for homes during the holidays, they’re really serious and they reaaally, really, really wanna buy, I mean you have to be high as a kite right? To want to do this, to go looking for house.

David: Yeah.

Collier: When everybody else is having fun.

David: Yeah, they’re serious I mean everybody’s got shopping to do, they’ve got decorations to put up so, why do you wanna add in packing up boxes and unpacking boxes right? So, that’s, that’s, that’s why they’re serious.

Collier: I, have fun with.

David: If they’re doing it now.

Collier: Yeah, they’re serious.

David: Yeah.

Collier: There’s just no need you know, you, you can actually, number 3 is you can restrict the showings on your home to the times you really want it shown, you remain in control, see that’s the biggest fear during the holiday season, oh I’m gonna lose my right  to have my holiday party.

David: Yeah.

Collier: Of course so, I say Christmas party we’re not gonna get this work on Christmas holiday, is it, your Christmas but.

David: Right.

Collier: But you can say I don’t wanna show it, you always can, it’s not wise all the time.

David: Now, now what, it didn’t, what if you got cousin Eddie in the front, in the garage, in the driveway.

Collier: Playing it out.

David: Yeah.

Collier: Yeah.

David: Yeah so, you gotta worry about that.

Collier: Yeah so, if you got cousin Eddie in your family, be scared.

David: (Laughter).

Collier: Or David, or David’s coming over.

David: Yeah.

Collier: Homes, good, homes show better when decorated for the holidays.

David: Absolutely, people will look around I mean they see a more attractive, it’s just the same as the curb appeal right? When you pull up.

Collier: Right it’s just beautiful, I mean like there’s no one that thinks it’s ugly right?

David: Right, absolutely.

Collier: All right, number 5.

David: There’s minimal competition as a seller right now, because inventories, inventories have been low all year, so it’s gonna be even lower this time of year.

Collier: ‘Cause naturally we and we hear ‘em, oh we’ll take it off, come back first of the year.

David: Yeah.

Collier: And so, going back to the number 2, which said purchasers if they’re looking, they’re serious, there gonna have less to see.

David: Yeah.

Collier: Maybe you wanna be that person.

David: And any buyers out there right now, if you put your house on the market and it falls into their price range or search criteria, they are going to see your house right?

Collier: Absolutely.

David: Yeah.

Collier: Absolutely, number 6.

David: Number 6? (In unison with Collier), go ahead.

Collier: All right, the desire to own a home doesn’t stop when the holidays come, who’d, who knew right? I mean.

David: Yeah.

Collier: If, if you wanna buy a house, who said the holidays can’t be a time for you to see ‘em.

David: Yeah, the same reasons are still there that you wanna purchase a home.

Collier: They and there’s many people that don’t like that competition of the spring.

David: Right.

Collier: Where, where oh man, it’s disappointment, after disappointment, after disappointment because you kept getting beat out especially this last year what we saw with those rising prices was you know, one of the techniques we always used was hey, we’ll pay a thousand dollars over X amount of any of your other offers.

David: Yeah and right now we do have that little bit of a lull in interest rates, I mean they jumped up closer to 5%, they pulled back a little bit we talked about it earlier in the show so, another good reason right now you know, to do that, number 7 the supply of listings increases substantially after the holidays.

Collier: Right so, these guys are coming back and then I think they also talk about new construction right? We’re, they’re seeing new, more starts coming here in Birmingham, nationwide and so, what ends up happening, believe me, it’s just like going to the car dealership, there’s no question that new car smell or that new house smell MATTERS.

David: Yeah.

Collier: They love it, so don’t, if you, the less we can have of that especially if you are in the same price point, ‘cause if I have a choice between a new and a used house.

David: Yeah.

Collier: Like a used house, then hey, I’m gonna go new every time.

David: So, moving on the last, my favorite thing of today is gonna be the stock picks man, these are gonna be some great ones, you can watch ‘em next year, but it’s just amazing the type of business that are, that are big right now, all of these names except for one of them are gonna be new ideas, new ways of doing business, first one is Shopify.

Collier: Yeah.

David: I mentioned this upstairs and ABC said that, this is big deal.

Collier: Don’t they serve us like Etsy and all these types.

David: Yeah, it’s, it’s an e-commerce platform where you can start and manage your own business, so I guess basically they have simplified a lot of the small business owners.

Collier: Processes.

David: A lot of the processes for small business owners, so they can start manage and have a web presence, an online presence, Shopify right now is up 30%.

Collier: Year to date?

David: Year to date.

Collier: And they took, they took a beating I’m sure, over the last few days.

David: Yeah now, keep in mind all of these stocks have dropped over the last, since that last week of September, so these numbers, these up 30% is year to date that’s included, now the stock drop has nothing to do with the company, the business, the revenue, you know what they’re doing, so keep that in mind that this might be a great time to buy all of these.

Collier: Well and while you’re on that point though, I’m making a point on this I, Kramer or one of those guys was talking about you know, you take Apple  if Apple takes a major hit this year somehow, the rest of the market is gonna go with it.

David: Yeah.

Collier: Right? Again spot, Shopify has nothing, it has nothing to with Shopify, they may be making killer earnings.

David: Yeah.

Collier: But the market’s gonna move with Apple, which is the argument about these companies getting so big.

David: Yes.

Collier: While we don’t want ‘em to get so big.

David: Yeah, next one is Teledoc, Teledoc you know, I watched a video on this one today, great idea, virtual health care so, basically they’ve said if you have a cold, flu, allergies, sinus respiratory, bronchitis, pink eye, some ear infections, instead of going to the doctor.

Collier: Which most men don’t.

David: Yeah, most men will not and a lot of people don’t wanna take their kids and sit in a waiting room, it takes a long time you know, some of these you know, emergency docs you know, it takes a while to sit in the waiting room so, you’re sitting around sick people anyway.

Collier: Yeah, yeah.

David: So, you can sign up on this and request a call, you get a call in minutes from a doctor.

Collier: Is it done over, over like, like we’re talking to them right now?

David: It can, it can be done over this or a phone call and they will you know, answer questions, you’ll describe your symptoms and they could either diagnose or prescribe, so this right now is up 50% this year from 36 dollars to 55 dollars a share, a high back before the drop of 89 dollars.

Collier: Wow.

David: So, big, big move there.

Collier: So, you’re telling, where, where is it right now? 36?

David: 55 now, 55.

Collier: It’s 55.

David: A share.

Collier: Wow, when we get done here I’m gonna have to write all these down.

David: Yeah I love these, Teledoc, the next one is.

Collier: Now, don’t kill me here.

David: Next one, funny is Twitter.

Collier: We talked about this earlier, yeah.

David: Twitter is up, everybody knows Twitter I think they’re finally showing some revenue.

Collier: Is this the one that I sold after I made 3 dollars a share.

David: Yeah.

Collier: And then BOOM!

David: Up 28% now.

Collier: But now, one thing on this stock, this stock is moving with the famed stock, which is what Facebook, Apple.

David: Amazon.

Collier: Amazon and.

David: Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google.

Collier: Yeah, so, so.

David: And Apple.

Collier: So, Twitter need to catch its legs under it so, it can be included, it can become like.

David: Yeah, yeah, yeah, the thing about Twitter is that they’ve got so many eyeballs, just like Facebook, just like Snapchat, except they’re not making money.

Collier: Well, Donald Trump you know, one thing I find interesting on one of their calls or whatever inane he was talking about, the reason you don’t see the Twitter owners or the executives censoring Donald Trump ‘cause he does nothing but.

David: Promote.

Collier: Platform, platform, platform.

David: Yeah, definitely helps the platform.

Collier: Every time on the nightly news, the little tweety bird is sitting there by a quote.

David: Absolutely.

Collier: And so, you got people that are joining JUST to be on that.

David: Absolutely.

Collier: And it drives revenue.

David: Yeah.

Collier: Buy the advertising.

David: Yeah, big story and that’s why I’m hoping Snap follows suit took Facebook a long time.

Collier: Oh, don’t we hope Snap.

David: It took Facebook a while to show, to make money and it blew up after that, it’s taking Twitter a while to make money, Snapchat hopefully we’re pushing.

Collier: Well, you would think Snapchat has is, they have an audience see, most of these companies fail because they don’t have an audience, they have an audience, which is.

David: Yeah, they have a huge audience.

Collier: Under 13 right?

David: It’s a, a very young au, demographic, but they definitely.

Collier and David in unison: Have an audience.

Collier: And what’s really interesting is that Facebook and all of them are trying to come up with a val, overlays or whatever you call those you know more than I do about this, but those things that make you look cool.

David: The filters.

Collier: Filters.

David: Yeah.

Collier: And the problem is, it’s not, it, it, it’s what makes Snap unique is that quick, that quick message not ‘cause you can do the picture.

David: Yeah, right.

Collier: ‘Cause you know, this guy was Snapping me I had to make sure my daughter wouldn’t watch the Snap, he would send me crazy Snaps from the boat ‘cause I was very interested and had to make sure she, ‘cause you could only watch it what once and a half? ‘Cause you can basically watch it.

David: Yeah, once or twice real quick though to the second time real quick.

Collier: Yeah so I was like NO! ??David: So, you had to make sure she was close.

Collier: Yeah, it was like I hear your voice, I’d be like hey bring it over here.

David: (Laughter), all right so, the last one and this one man, I advise you to google this the Trade desk ok? The Trade desk, man go to the website, the CEO Jeff Green, I watched the video of him explain his company and it was still confusing, I had to go read some other stuff.

Collier: That’s, that’s comforting.

David: Basically, they’re an advertising technology company, they basically allow and it’s very, very interesting, allow ad managers or marketing managers for companies to purchase and manage ad campaigns, it’s amazing so, how do you know, you know if, if that little banner ad that you see on the video game you’re playing or the billboard or you know, stuff you see during football games, how do you know that that stuff is making money? Is it doing any good?

Collier: Right.

David: Is it spreading your name? Is anybody seeing?

Collier: And this, these people do it?

David: Yeah, is anybody seeing it? Who’s seeing it? Are they 40 year old females? Are they Republicans?

Collier: Right.??David: All that stuff, they figure all that out, it’s amazing, the Trade desk sign is TTD, this stock.

Collier: TTD.

David: This stock let me tell ya, is up right now you’re dating a 158% ok? January 1.

Collier: 158%?

David: 158%, January 1 traded a 46 dollars a share, today is at 119 and back in late September a high of 162.

Collier: Wow!

David: So that’s a, a 400 percent jump at the 162 high, right now it’s pulled to 119, real big mover.

Collier: Happy, Happy Thanksgiving Lauren!

David: So, I, I, man I had fun putting that stuff together today, a lot of, lot of interesting companies, different ideas, the, the managing ad campaigns, the, the e-commerce, virtual health care.

Collier: Oh, the virtual health care, oh no, the, this was interesting because I, I think these are the companies that are driving the market, I mean they’re driving our economy really right? ‘Cause it’s changing the way.

David: Yeah, they’re new businesses.

Collier: Look at Shopify, it’s changing the way that the average person.

David: Yeah.

Collier: Doesn’t have to spend thousands and thousands of dollars and not know what they’re doing either.

David: Right, right.

Collier: Taking a lot of that out, well.

David: Fun stuff.

Collier: All right now.

David: Call it your favorite part.

Collier: Hey, Mr. Lerman from Cleveland.

David: A Cleveland Browns fan.

Collier: Hey, Cleveland Browns he loves them all, football pick time and Cleveland is not on here. 

David: First one, we got Oklahoma minus 2 at West Virginia.

Collier: Well, Ken Williams called it last week when he said the big 12 knows how to blow their opportunities so, West Virginia lost last week.

David: West Virginia is gonna win this one and you know why? We are gonna setup for those Gold Knights at UC.

Collier: (Laughter).

David: To play Alabama in the playoff, it’s gonna be beautiful!

Collier: That good?

David: Oklahoma needs to lose, West Virginia’s gonna roll

Collier: Ah look, if it weren’t you know, Oklahoma’s quarterback amazing guy, I’m, I’m gonna take Oklahoma, I, I, I just think too strong on offense, I think West Virginia made some mistakes, Oklahoma’s offense is amazing. All right then, big game of the week! The big one!

David: Oh yeah.

Collier: The biggest one!??

David: This is huge, Georgia Tech plus 17 at Georgia?

Collier: Your alma mater! David: Now, I don’t know the hist, I don’t know the stats ok? I don’t know the exact typical line.

Collier: But how do you feel about Georgia?

David: Typical deficit, but I would say 17 points is a lot for a rivalry huh?

Collier: Hey Terri!

David: Now, Georgia has, has looked, they’ve looked bad at times, Tech is rolling right now I think we’re on a 3 or 4 game win streak, which is rare, we’re definitely gonna play well in this game at Georgia.

Collier: You’re a weird team, I mean you never know.

David: You never, you, you, you have no clue but I’m gonna have to take the 17 points, I would say no chance for us to win outright, but I’ll take the 17.

Collier: No chance, I’ll take the 17 too, you, you’re right Terr is going down in Key West, I’ll see you in about 2 weeks.

David: LSU minus 2 and a half at Texas A&M.

Collier: Man, I put this game on here because it’s such an interesting game ain’t it? The LSU that has played so well this year can only be less than a field goal faith fury.

David: Yeah, they’ve done well, they’ve been a good team, they’re on the road at A&M, A&M has looked strong at times too, I think they, they’ve really handled UAB last week, which was a great team.

Collier: Absolutely.

David: From what I saw they handled them, which is, which is tough you gotta, you gotta a UAB team coming in, they want to play well and, and A&M you know did a great job, so gonna be a tough game I would still stick with. Collier: (Laughter).

David: Let’s stick with LSU, but I’d prefer A&M to win.

Collier: Hey look, I’m, I’m, LSU, I’m all, they’re gonna win hopefully by a, a, a field goal right? I mean generally.

David: Yeah.

Collier: So, if I’m a betting man gimme a, gimme a field goal ‘cause it’ll, I’ll win, that’s a thank you I’ll win on a field goal right? ‘Cause 2 and a half.

David: Yeah.

Collier: Right? So, I’m good with that now this is the toughest one of the day, I think.

David: Michigan minus 4 at Ohio State, I’m so tired of hearing about Ohio State but again, RUCF, Alabama, we need Michigan to lose.

Collier: Need ‘em to lose! Man, high this is a toughie isn’t it? Michigan is one of those teams that’s just good, they’re not great I don’t think, I don’t think they’re in the great category, I’m gonna get Michigan somehow pulling off and covering that 4.

David: I’m gonna take, I’m, I’m, again I’m gonna pull for Ohio State and I probably won’t see any of this football game, but maybe you never know.

Collier: All right, for the big game of the week here in Alabama.??David: The Iron Bowl.

Collier: The Duke, well I was going Duke again, I was going back and going Duke and Auburn in basketball.

David: Duke at Auburn.

Collier: ‘Cause you know we’re a basketball school now?

David: Oh!

Collier: And equestrian. David: Oh ok, says you.

Collier: You know? We don’t even bother with this football.

David: Is that, is that the, the guess mall’s on marketing?

Collier: Yes, that’s it.

David: We’re a basketball school?

Collier: Yeah, some might say what was a lead-in for the, this will kinda give away my pick here, but what was the theme music to pump ‘em up, this year’s gonna be dead man walking (laughter), and it’s not Gus’s dead man walking our players, ‘cause they’re gonna get crushed! 

David: Crushed.

Collier: I, I, I’m telling ya, this is a, this is a 48-17 game at best.

David: So, I thought that the 17’s.

Collier: Alabama that is.

David: I thought that the plus 17 Georgia Tech line was big for an railroad game, Auburn at plus 24 beats.

Collier: Embarrassing!

David: And Alabama will beat the line.??

Collier: Oh hey, beat ‘em bad, this will be the, the iron bowl will be a beat down from the get-go, Auburn will never get their legs under ‘em unless Alabama’s defense somehow just decides they’re gonna lay flat.

David: And I think if you’re an Auburn fan and you’ve been watching this year, you want that.

Collier: Well, if we can get rid of Gus, we do.

David: That is why.

Collier: Yeah, we just gotta I mean, ‘cause I mean I love the fact that we’re playing for the belt bowl of the Birmingham bowl, I mean what a.

David: Look, I know everybody’s working hard.

Collier: (Laughter).

David: I know everybody’s working at Auburn, I’m not trying to you know, talk bad about somebody.

Collier: The players are!

David: But, I think.

Collier: He’s awful!

David: These guys would be happier.

Collier: Yes?

David: With, with a new direction.

Collier: Absolutely.

David:  And, and a new, a new field down there.

Collier: I even twitted Gus the other day on Twitter! On the old Twitter, that were was a new job opening at Colorado and man! He’s ultimately humanly qualified you know? They need you!

David: In Colorado?

Collier: Yeah, who wouldn’t want to go there!

David: Mile high so, that’s it man, we’ve got a long weekend Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, we got some NFL. Hey, how about the Kansas City Chiefs and the Rams.

Collier: Oh! I mean.

David: 54 to 51 on Monday night.

Collier: Man, past your bed time! And the kids are going.

David: Oh, I didn’t see it.

Collier: Oh, you didn’t?

David: I didn’t, no.

Collier: I figured you stayed up, but man, what was it the third highest scoring game in history?

David: Amazing, amazing.

Collier: And that kid I tell ya.

David: Mahomes.

Collier: That quarterback what a good kid!

David: Patrick Mahomes, he’s killing.

Collier: Just a role model, good everything, he’s got a pretty girlfriend, which I guess all quarterbacks do I guess.

David: Yeah.

Collier: Call me crazy.

David: (Laughter).

Collier: Yeah, who knows.

David: Especially, all rich, good looking quarterbacks.

Collier: Umm, I wonder.

David: Yeah.

Collier: You never see them go yeah you know and then.

David: Yeah, makes sense.

Collier: Maybe even the kickers right? But anyway, thanks for showing up a day early! So that we could.

David: Hey, we know we caught you guys off guard and, and a lot of places probably, a lot of people may not be working today, but hope you enjoy the holidays with the family and eat some great food and get some time off, get some rest and relaxation.

Collier: Well, and David Hamn just said Gus will be around in Auburn in 2019 hanging with the firing coaches.

David: Just so he can die.

Collier: He’d have to then die, well that’s fun.

David: Hey, hanging out with Chizik and then die, that’s great.

Collier: Gene Chizik, you know he?

David: Coach of the year.

Collier: Yeah!

David: Coach of the year, I’ll never forget that.

Collier: Hey and what a, and what’s funny is we really fell out of favor with him quick, didn’t we? Although, I think some of that was his assisting coaches, but.

David: (Laughter).

Collier: So, we’ll have that and then you know, we’ll be back next Thursday 4 o’ clock and don’t forget to download the podcast!

David: Yeah.

Collier: Anywhere good pod is.

David: Good pod, anywhere good pod is.

Collier: And David Hamn you know where good pod is, so anyway.

David: Kinda big deal.

Collier: Don’t forget to check out the Alabama Theatre’s Christmas Movie schedule at

Collier: Anyway, we’ll see you next week, Happy Thanksgiving!

David: Happy Thanksgiving!

Collier: And War Eagle!

David: See you guys.

Collier: Bye.

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