Real Estate Happy Hour Show - Episode 45

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America’s Hottest Real Estate Show, The Real Estate Happy Hour Happy Hour is Coming in Hot! On today’s show Collier Swecker & David Arnette are talking about the Most Expensive Home Ever Sold in USA, Federal Reserve Staying Neutral on Key Interest Rate Hikes and Outdated Advice Home Buyers Should Ignore. Plus the Guys will talk about the Stock Market and Super Bowl LIII. Join us every Thursday at 4pm for the live show on Facebook Live or watch or listen to the cocktails Real Estate Happy Hour on replay or listen to the podcast.

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Collier: All right, 4 o’clock on Thursday! It’s time for the Real Estate Happy Hour! (Music in the background).

David: We are back and it is Super Bowl weekend!

Collier: Man, big game! Tom Brady!

David: The biggest one!

Collier: Hey, what are they saying? He’s a GOAT.

David: He is a GOAT that stands for the greatest of all time for those of you who don’t know.

Collier: How can you argue with that though?

David: Oh, he’s gotta be I mean. the guy somehow continues to play every year and he’s 41 on the league.

Collier: And he, he you know what? He keeps hanging out with ugly women.?
David: Oh, of course!

Collier: Just kidding by the way.

David: I interviewed him last weekend and asked if you know win or lose, is there any chance this is gonna be his last season, zero, zero percent chance, Tom.

Collier: He doesn’t know any better! He doesn’t know anything else to do right?

David: That’s right, I mean and he’s good, he takes care of himself, fitness is there, he’s not stating any major injuries.

Collier: Beautiful wife, I mean I know I keep going back to that, I don’t know why but.

David: And, and if you look at the crew around him it’s amazing that he’s made it, he doesn’t have.

Collier: Amazing!

David: He doesn’t an awesome running back and awesome receivers, Gronkowski’s had an average year and he’s still there, Tom Brady.

Collier: Best of all time or GOAT, GOAT!

David: He has managed to bring ‘em all through again.
Collier: Well if you saw the, the song we just played, you know of course we came in to what? Van Halen’s Jump?

David: Yes!

Collier: Right? Great tune, I know Kari Ballinger’s listening.

David: That was.

Collier: And she loves it.

David: David Lee Roth’s Van Halen,

Collier: Oh sorry, sorry, Van Ha well, that’s right.

David: Yes.

Collier: Totally different, But anyway, did you see Royal Caribbean cruise line, this screwball who was what? 23 years old.

David: Yeah.

Collier: On the Symphony of the Seas in Nassau, decides he’s just gonna go from the 11th floor or 11th story if you will, off his balcony and he just jumps in.

David: Yeah, I watched the video and he was just joking around with some friends, all of ‘em got kicked off the boat and banned, I think for.

Collier: For life!

David: Now the, the boat wasn’t moving.

Collier: Yes, yeah.

David: Obviously.

Collier: (Laughter), that takes it to a whole new level.

David: Yeah, it was docked at the location or, or whatever and but yeah, the guy just jumped right off.

Collier: He said, you know what? He, he was, I’ve never seen a guy more honest than this guy, he you know Nick Naydev, N-A-Y-D-E-V, 27, posted on Instagram to show some jumping from the ship, given the scene it’s classic! And then he, we were all on suspense.

David: Ok.

Collier: And he said I was still drunk from the previous night when I woke up and hey, I just decided to jump.

David: They looked like, they looked like him and his buddies, there was, there was a few of ‘em, they looked like they were hanging out in the balcony, they probably had been talking about it and then they decided to probably I’m just thinking, they decided to probably hey let’s, let’s make a video, let’s play a little bit.

Collier: Oh, it’s gonna be funny!

David: And, and I think he’s got a couple thousand, a couple hundred thousand.

Collier: Hundred, hundred thousand, it may end up being worth it ‘cause he didn’t always have Carnival.

David: (Laughter).

Collier: (Laughter), I mean they’ll allow to jump over there.

David: Yeah.

Collier: But I mean, he said he could barely walk for 3 days, he bruised his neck and tailbone.

David: Yeah.

Collier: Really?

David: He struck ‘em a lot.

Collier: That’s it? And you know, he said a little boat picked him up and took him back, but anyway that is just nuts!

David: Crazy! What about this, you know here we are in Birmingham, Alabama ok? It’s 50 degrees today.

Collier: Fifty today, I’d say 54 exactly.

David: But, Tuesday we missed school for some reason.

Collier: Yeah, fake snow occurrence it was about, I remember thinking it was 61 degrees roughly and on Monday we got the notice hey, school’s cancelled tomorrow.

David: And.

Collier: What is wrong with these? I mean it used to be, you remember growing up, man there was nothing better than waking up around 5 o’clock and they, the radio shows would start saying, you know Hoover City School’s closed today, whatever your local schools.

David: Yeah, what happened to that?

Collier: They, they don’t, they’re not even waiting, they’re just going off, look listen, let me just say this.

David: If there’s any chance it’s the night before, they are killing it!

Collier: Absolutely! I mean think about James Sven, he works for a commercial operation right? They’re there to make money and what do they do, what do they wanna do? They wanna get eyeballs on the TV.

David: Absolutely!

Collier: Biggest thing you can do right? And what, and of course, of course they don’t have meteorologists at Publix, to tell you no Brad, you don’t need to come ‘cause we really don’t have any.

David: Right.

Collier: They tell ya oh yeah, it’s happening!

David: Yeah.

Collier: It’s gonna be a major snowstorm!

David: So yeah, so they don’t go back, we don’t go back to early in the morning where you watch the list of school closings on television or you look on the Internet.

Collier: That’s right.

David: And see the list, we just cancel it the night before, so it was a gnome again.

Collier: And you know it really kills me, everybody goes oh you don’t know the, the, the decision-making that goes into it that these are tough decisions, not really, not really, just get in your car Mr. Superintendent about 4 in the morning, drive around, road’s bad? Cancel school.

David: And what I, what I thought was funny earlier in the week, you brought up the economic impact.

Collier: Yep.

David: And so to think about, ok yes we have some people that are off work, but think about the economic impact/

Collier: Yep, they were there it went up and down.

David: That’s extra revenue.

Collier: Yep, absolutely!

David: For this, for whoever that was riding that truck, the bread and milk, the groceries, all the groceries that we buy on Monday.

Collier: Oh yeah.

David: Sunday and Monday.

Collier: Gotta stock up for 8 years.

David: Huge! Huge!

Collier: Yep, absolutely.

David: And all the cat litter that Windexy had to put out in front of the store.

Collier: Cat litter, he loves cats! I, I.

David: (Laughter).

Collier: I mean that’s the last thing I’d be thinking of, but ok.

David: No, no and this is, there’s a department complex back here close to us and they cleared out, they put something down to help their, you know people getting in and out.

Collier: That’s right, James Spann must own stock right?

David: Oh.

Collier: In, in those companies.

David: Absolutely! Yeah!

Collier: I mean why wouldn’t he? I mean ‘cause anything he says happens, it’ll be like insider trading.

David: Yeah.

Collier: It’s between James Spann, God and the bread company.

David: That’s right, I mean, it’s, it’s funny and Howard Caan good to see ya, it’s I don’t know, you know we had the Snowpocalypse 4 years ago? Was it 3 to 4 years ago?

Collier: 3 or 4 years ago, it was bad but it was once in a.

David: It was really bad ok? And kids were spending the night in schools, terrible situation!

Collier: First time it happened in a lifetime.

David: And let me tell ya, that is not gonna go away quickly.

Collier: No.

David: That’s as bad as the 2008 real estate crash.

Collier: Well, I agree with ya and, and the other thing is too, think about it this way everybody goes talking about that tough decision they’re making, name one time growing up, One time back when were apparently fools and waited till the day it snowed to decide, tell me one person you know that got killed or badly injured ‘cause school was cancelled morning of. I don’t think of one, it’s kinda like the peanut allergy right?

David: Look.

Collier: I mean I know of nobody’s died of the peanut allergy.

David: And I feel like it’s pretty straight forward, if the temperatures are below, last time I checked freezing temperature was 32, (very short pause).

Collier: Yeah, yep.

David: I think it’s still there.

Collier: Absolutely!

David: We have weather and it’s not below 32 for a significant amount of time, might wanna wait and see.

Collier: Yeah hey, this is the second year in a row by the way that we, we’ve had a perfectly sunny day, by the way couldn’t have been more beautiful yesterday or.

David: And tomorrow, tomorrow at, at 3 o’clock it’s gonna be 60 degrees, so 2 days ago snow, tomorrow 60 for our national audience that’s watching, you know gotta, gotta be.

Collier: Oh, no, no, no, oh you do know of someone that’s died all right? You know I’ve never seen anybody that actually died from it, but.

David: Well, there you go.

Collier: Well Howard Cannon this’ll be right up your alley, did you know there’s a guy by the name of Ken Griffin, he’s a billionaire, just closed on the most expensive home ever sold in the United States, two hundred and thirty eight Million dollars! And it wasn’t even a single family home.

David: And it’s funny earlier this year, you said he bought several floors of a building in Chicago.

Collier: Yep, largest.

David: So, 238 million.

Collier: Largest purchase ever made in Chicago was 58.75 million early this year, this is a guy who’s a hedge fund manager now.

David: So what, what do you think about the commission on that deal?

Collier: (Laughter), I, I think you would make your, your decade.

David: It’ll be ok?

Collier: Yes, I think you’d be perfect, what is that number? What is, what is 1% of that?

David: A couple, a couple mill.

Collier: A couple mill, wow! I mean of one deal!

David: It’s not bad.

Collier: But, but there’s apparently only like 3 people that could afforded it.

David: I’m sure he probably would’ve, I’m sure he probably, probably negotiated it and let a lower commission.

Collier: (Laughter), yeah.

David: (Laughter), he can afford all of it.

Collier: Yeah, let me be honest with ya.

David: (Laughter).
Collier: I don’t negotiate, you don’t commission, but that one we may.

David: Maybe.

Collier: Yeah, absolutely! No, but anyway you might, you may be wondering what, who is this guy? Anyway, he began investing at the age of 19 when he was at Harvard, from his dorm room he started buying and selling and he got into real estate, and then got it was you tell me what this is, convertible bond trader.

David: Convertible bond, yeah that’s some derivative, some stock bond derivative, I don’t know exactly.

Collier: He made billions by buying distressed assets from now failed hedge funds, so there’s basically picking out the good stuff.

David: Yeah, yeah, probably bought ‘em, probably bought ‘em on a discount.

Collier: But man, if you’ve been reading about this, the Wall Street Journal, all the big ones picked this one up, pretty funny that you know.

David: Pretty big deal, huh?

Collier: Yeah, I mean.

David: That’s awesome.

Collier: The fact is he ain’t gonna live there, as ever park.

David: Well, you know next stop is our, our interest rate update, so listen I wanna talk a little bit, you know this rolls right into the next segment is you know we mentioned before, the Fed reversal ok?

Collier: Ok.

David: So, yesterday the Fed came out and, and reaffirmed their pause ok? Which saw.

Collier: ‘Cause we didn’t believe ‘em last month, we said they’re lying.

David: Well so, it reaffirmed what, that they’re gonna wait and see, they’re gonna watch the economy and everybody loved it, stock market loved it, interest rates loved it, so you know right now we’re probably gonna be inching down now, the, the numbers I usually pull on a weekly basis are an average. So, since yesterday happened we’ll probably gonna be, you know sneaking down below 4 and a half percent on a 30-year fixed rate, which is gonna look really good below 4 on a 15-year, so rates are improving right now.

Collier: That’s unbelievable, considering where we were when you went on your cruise (laughter), you know back, that was back what? Mid-November? And we were.

David: Mid-November, yeah.

Collier: We were pushing up to 5%, now we’re down below 4 and a half and below 4 on the 15.

David: And we’re looking at a wait and see attitude out of the Fed, so here’s the deal I don’t think they can come back now and shock the market, so what that means is, you know they’ve got I think 6 or 7 meetings scattered throughout the year, I could be wrong on that don’t hold me to it. So, I’m thinking they’re gonna have to, they’re gonna have to preface their, their intentions before they do anything now so, that means we’re probably 2 or 3 meetings out from having another rate move.

Collier: Well.

David: So that’ll probably push us, you know at least through the spring market in the real estate business, which is what I was really wanting for this year.
?Collier: Well I thought it was really interesting too that Jerome Powell, who’s the Fed chairman now, he, when he could’ve said something last month when Trump was at his throat, he was not gonna give Trump a win on this. So, he waited till the next meeting and then just said it ‘cause Trump quite frankly, has been distracted with the Wall and everything else.

David: Exactly and the Government shutdown.??Collier: And the, I forgot about that.

David: Yeah.

Collier: I mean (inaudible).

David: That’s a big deal, you know.

Collier: But, what happened to the stock market yesterday was Amazing! After.

David: And I think that’s what you saw with, with this follow through from the Fed is that investors are cheering their wait and see approach.

Collier: We had a 450-point jump in the Dow Jones yesterday.

David: Yeah.

Collier: Just from there and by the way did you that GE, I know we got to this later, I didn’t know GE dropped out of the DOW.

David: Wonder why that is.

Collier: I mean how bad is that company, I mean I remember 15 years ago thinking GE is a bell weather you just hold it in any portfolio and now not even a member of the DOW, I mean.

David: Yeah, yeah, that’s a big deal and I think you know all this talk about the Fed (laughter), you know it’s, it’s funny the different stories I heard on talk with somebody yesterday or a couple days ago, that said that rates have jumped up and I was like I don’t, I’m not sure where you’re.

Collier: Where you’re coming from.

David: Getting your information, but so, so rates are definitely, you know we improved yesterday, I think we’re at a level now where we have to have some more significant news to improve further, we’re kind of, I think we’re at a, at a floor if you will of, of them moving. I don’t see anything huge is gonna take us a whole lot lower, but I mean think about it we’ve come from you know 5%, pushing 5 on a quarter all the way back down to 4 and half pushing 4 on a quarter, so that’s a big swing in about a year, a little over a year.

Collier: It’s amazing and it’s almost right back we’re we, but my gosh the headache we’ve been through in that year right? I mean this, this pendulum that we’re on.

David: Yeah and I think it’s, I think it’s nice we, we swung up to 5 and now, you know on the way up people were freaking out, you know 4.75 that, that’s gotta be high.

Collier: I love the young kids, if he gets to 5 oh my God!

David: Yeah so, now you come back below 4 and a half and people are happy to hear that so, you know that’s the dynamics of the market.

Collier: It is crazy! Well moving on to our next segment, outdated advice homebuyers should ignore! These are things.

David: For homebuyers.

Collier: Homebuyers don’t listen, look here’s the problem is that you go home for Christmas, you go home for the holidays, you go home for your birthday and you go to church and everybody’s got an opinion ‘cause they heard you, you’re buying a house. Well the only problem is Frank, Uncle Frank, who you’re getting your advice from, hadn’t bought a house in 38 years.

David: And everybody wants to get involved, don’t they?

Collier: Everybody has an opinion! There’s a joke there, but I’m not going there.

David: Hey and it’s good, yeah it’s good to get advice, it’s good to get help, this is a big transaction.

Collier: It’s a massive transactio and really quite frankly, get advice from people who have recently done it no problem, but when it gets to the end of the weeds, these are the things that you need to ignore and the first one is when Uncle Frank says just wait till spring, just wait till spring.

David: It’s when the flowers are blooming.

Collier: It’ll be an abundance of stuff right? So, what happens there, there is more inventory in the spring.

David: Yeah, more people decide to list their house right?

Collier: Right, but the downside is sellers are far more optimistic about selling, there less likely to give you a deal ‘cause they, there’s so many more people and they feel like I’m gonna get it.

David: Yeah, so if everybody’s telling you that, if Uncle Frank’s telling you to wait till the spring, how many Uncle Franks are out there?

Collier: Yeah.

David: Telling all these sellers to wait, so the sellers are waiting for the best time too, so they want top dollar and then all these other buyers in the market right?

Collier: And there’s no way to prove ‘em wrong right? In the sense of there are more alphas.

David: It is definitely a, a, a time where the activity is higher.

Collier: But I mean, you know hey we just listed a Beautiful house down here in Chelsea, I mean a, it is a luxury home, all the things and there’s nothing else like it, we’re listed right now because well if you’re looking, I, I wanna be the only game in town right?

David: Yeah, this is and right now, this, these last couple of weeks the buyer activity has picked up a whole lot and I think you’re gonna see that continue into February and March and into the spring, it’s gonna be consistent, but you know if you’re out there early, you’re, you’re getting seen by all those new buyers coming on the market.

Collier: And you certainly are and, and the sellers just aren’t willing to negotiate when it gets hot and heavy.

David: Right, ok what’s, what’s the next one?

Collier: Well, it’s for aunt Lucy that comes to you and say you know we just, we bought so many houses, I think you need to wait for home prices to come down, just wait, oh it’s perfect, just wait it’ll happen, well guess what? It’s like timing the stock market right?

David: Yeah.

Collier: You need to go get a good deal when you can get it, the other thing is too if you’re here in Birmingham, around the country and others experience it too, but you have to have a place to live right? Rents are high, I mean how much y’all paying in Boston for gosh sake’s for your daughter, I mean oh, she may be in a dorm but, but Boston I can’t even imagine, I guarantee you.

David: Exactly.

Collier: Rents are higher than the.

David: Absolutely! And, and the one thing that I would say I don’t see happening anytime soon is home price coming down.

Collier: No, if they do they’re leveling off.

David: Now listen, if home prices are coming down we’ve got other problems that we’re dealing with, there’s, there’s reasons why they’re coming down, so that, this is the, the last thing I’d be looking for is.

Collier: Well and the other thing, I.

David: For prices to come down.

Collier: The other thing I think, you also wanna do is stay ahead of inflation right? The, the dollar of today is what? 2%, 3%, it’s running around 2% so, you may think you know, think the prices are only going up a little bit or they haven’t come down, one thing is just lock in today’s dollar, let’s just get a better deal.

David: Get a better deal, I mean interest rates are, are, are.

Collier: Take more to get.

David: Are better now.

Collier: If they go up.

David: Obviously, prices are going up, interest rates are going up, so you know this is obviously, be a better time to lock that in than 6 months definitely 12 months down the road right?

Collier: Absolutely! And the next one is your mother-in-law comes to you and she says guess what? Make a lower offer so you leave room to negotiate, guess what though? We’re in a low inventory high demand market, you may be out of luck.

David: Yeah so, so think about it we’ve got low inventories, so there’s less houses out there, there’s buyers coming on this is the time it’s January 31st heading into February, March, this is The time that buyers are coming on, so if there’s less houses and there will be some added, but if there’s less houses to shop for then, that means there are more buyers out there, that means there could be more than one offer out there and so, if you, you know set something, a really low offer that offends the seller, there not gonna even entertain it.

Collier: Absolutely! And, and one thing I, I, I’m working a deal right now that this happened to, in that I have, I have a hot property in Birmingham and the first offer comes in and they, they’re playing the game, it’s obvious they’ve got room to go in, so we’ve got room to go ready to negotiate, well in the course of the negotiation guess what happens? Here comes an offer that they say we, the, the lower offer now, the first offer says I gotta have that house, here comes another offer full price less some closing costs right? Well, the first one gets their panties in a wad because we were here first, no you were there first, but you allowed somebody to come in between us.

David: Right.

Collier: We were gonna marry.

David: Yeah and it doesn’t.

Collier: But a better-looking girl came along.

David: And, and they don’t have to counter if they don’t like your offer, they do not have to entertain it.

Collier: (Laughter), yes it’s asinine.

David: Yeah, they’re not obligated just because you submitted something first.
?Collier: Well and, and the other thing too is that I think, that you’re gonna be going up against buyers that just go ahead and pay and one of the terms that we’ve heard recently, recently is called you know buyer exhaustion, they, they and you’ve seen it, where buyers are going out there consistently getting beaten offer after offer and then, they get just defeated.

David: Yeah, we saw that a whole lot last year and it was a you know created a little bit of a panic, with interest rates rising and then you’ve got buyers out that are in a 10 to 12 offer situation, so that you had both of those things. So now, you’ve got a new season, a new year, you’ve got some buyers that might’ve put the search on hold and now they’re coming back to the market, rates are good again, so yeah you could see some of that buyer exhaustion, they don’t wanna deal with this, they don’t wanna deal with this same situation again.

Collier: You know one thing I’d tell ya, is you know I would just tell ya to take the time and appropriately assess the home itself and the price and write an offer based on what you and your agent think it’s worth to you. And don’t, listen we can nickel and dime over 1,000, 2,000 dollars, there’s a time and place for that, but sometimes if, if your goal is to actually get into that house, you need to go get that house.

David: Yeah, I think in this market you need to be aggressive, you need to be smart, this is you know what? Obviously it’s your home that you’re, you’re purchasing, but it is a business transaction.

Collier: Absolutely.

David: So, you need to also have some, some logic and some, be smart about what you’re doing and not trying to get a huge deal.

Collier: Absolutely, you know one thing and before we get to the stocks, you know I’ve been asked a question everybody knows I’m a tax attorney originally retired, retired at 29, no well, I’m not retired yet, I’m not kidding about retiring but I never, you know not really retired. But anyway, they were asking me about what tax software to use now and I’ve kinda looked into it for everybody and you know really interesting is that Credit Karma, apparently it’s a product this year that is free for state and federal, phenomenal product getting rave reviews from the accountants, saying it actually is a really good software program granted who, I don’t know what they’re gonna do with that, with your data, they’re monetizing all this somehow, Credit Karma is. Oh yeah, it could that they’re just looping you in to their system and getting you in there.

David: Yeah.

Collier: The other 2, obviously perennial will be Turbo Tax and H&R Blocks.

David: The tax slayer.

Collier: Well, you like the name.

David: Yeah.

Collier: (Laughter), that’s it.

David: I saw it on a Nascar, I don’t know.

Collier: Nascar? You, you went to Nascar???David: I don’t. ??Collier: I didn’t think you did. ??David: I was talking about.??Collier: What set out (inaudible due to crosstalk).

David: I was talking about 5 years, 10 years ago.??Collier: Oh (laughter), that’s funny hey, did you ever go to a race?

David: But I still remember.??Collier: Hey, races are fun.

David: Yeah, I’ve been to a few, I’ve been to a few races.??Collier: Look who just joined us.

David: Ooh, Amanda caps Swecker.??Collier: One of the first ladies of the Happy Hour.

David: The one and only. ??Collier: That’s right.

David: That’s what I’m talking about.??Collier: All right well, stock market what’s happened?

David: So yeah, today we’re, we’re back up to 25 thousand on the DOW, which is a, obviously a significant number, I think we dipped down to 22 thousand roughly back in November, right before the Fed reversal. So it’s clear sailing, yesterday was obviously a good day with the Fed speak, you know I had a meeting today with a financial planner and was talking about, you know mostly index funds anyway, you know a lot, you know mutual funds, index funds is the way to go, that’s where you need to put your money, time is on your side, who cares if there’s swings here and there, you know we might, we might still be at 25 thousand in, in 24 months. ??Collier: But you’ve not talked about it for many, for my, it’s hard to believe we’re over a year now, but let’s earning matter at the end of the day.

David: Yeah, and earnings are doing well huh? ??Collier: You can, you can take all this stuff up, but the bad companies that are doing bad are doing bad and the good companies are doing again.

David: But I think, we’re definitely starting to see a shift like even Amazon today reported good earnings on previous business, but I think their guidance, they’re guiding lower ok? They’re anticipating changes coming, but you know earnings have been well.??Collier: But we, we said it and in the reactions that we saw say Royal Caribbean second half of last year, they.

David: Yeah, Royal Caribbean’s good.??Collier: They kept reporting hey, we got good earnings just our, our forecast that are pretty, what would you say? They don’t have a clue ‘cause their bookings are so.

David: Yeah and now you know, Royal Caribbean is one looking at their financials I think, you know huge growth in ’16 and ’17 as far as their revenue, I mean huge growth.??Collier: Massive.

David: Which makes sense on the tail end of a bull market, on the tail end of a booming economy right???Collier: Absolutely.

David: It would make sense that there’s more disposal income for individuals to cruise.??Collier: And one of the things they reported yesterday in their solid earnings was millennials, that millennials are cruising like never before and part of that is they’re adults now, and, and they got real money, I mean it’s hard to believe they got money.

David: And it’s fun!??Collier: Oh, it’s phenomenal.

David: We’re gonna try it again.??Collier: We’ll try it again, we’ll be hey, that is funny we will be trying to come to you from I believe, we’re gonna be in St. Martin maybe? The Happy Hour will be.

David: Yeah.??Collier: This is, the good thing is we’ll be together, so we don’t have any of this hey back satellite.

David: Yeah, we’ll figure something out.??Collier: Absolutely, well moving on football picks, I was about to say college football, but no it’s the National.

David: It’s the last league.??Collier: Football League!

David: Investing in Darren James, huge growth, Huge!??Collier: Yeah the D guarantee, hey I love the guy ‘cause I mean if he, if you’re not confident in yourself ain’t nobody gonna be confident in you.

David: That’s right, that is right! Karen Bars Charles in here she’s confident about herself.??Collier: You know one thing about Karen, she shows up late every time.

David: But she, I, I, I’ve heard that she has a real desire to be on the show.
?Collier: Yeah.

David: ‘Cause she loves.??Collier: We’re gonna be getting that billboard?

David: She loves the live videos.??Collier: And we’re gonna put her right on the billboards right outside of Greystone, which is a neighborhood over here.

David: She loves it.??Collier: Absolutely.

David: The D guarantee, Super Bowl what is this? 53? ??Collier: You tell me, it’s LIII.

David: Yeah, they didn’t plan that.??Collier: Who is this guy? I mean.

David: I mean when they started running numerals.??Collier: Whose idea was that?

David: When they started running numerals, they didn’t, they obviously.??Collier: You think anybody down, where Darren James down in the bayou, knows what LIII stands for? ‘Cause they don’t in Alabama either.

David: And next year is gonna LIV.??Collier: Huh?

David: You throw an E on in and it’s gonna be Live, Super Bowl Live!??Collier: Oh will it? See, well you went to Georgia Tech, that’s the only reason you know this stuff.

David: I know a lot of stuff.??Collier: Yeah, you’re kind of a big deal.

David: I know a lot of stuff, we got Patriots minus 2 and a half at, versus the L.A. Rams ok???Collier: Well, I mean the, if you saw the stats from this year the Pat, Patriots are 11 and 7 against the spread, so they’re what? Four games over 500 against the spread.

David: Ok.??Collier: Right? And the Rams are virtually dead even 99.

David: Dead even, ok.??Collier: And, and.

David: So look, here’s what I’m thinking all right, the Rams escaped with Roaby Gate whatever you wanna call it when D. B. ran over the receiver, which was ABSOLUTELY abysmal! Like that’s a foul in Peewee league and the only decision you have after that is, is the ball catchable, whatever.??Collier: Whoa, whoa, whoa, are you talking about what Darren’s talking about here right? And the saints.

David: Oh yeah, yeah, they got completely robbed, that’s a foul in the parking lot.??Collier: No, no, no.

David: That’s a foul in high school.??Collier: Pee wee, college, high school now.

David: So, so, you throw the flag and then, all you gotta look at is say is the ball catchable, clearly it was so I have no idea who, who paid that guy.??Collier: Who that?

David: Who.??Collier: That a foul.

David: Who that wrote the check.??Collier: Hey, that, that, that was a foul.

David: But listen, so the Rams escaped they got lucky to win that game.??Collier: We assume they’ll kick the field though.

David: They have nothing to lose, Sunday the Rams have absolutely nothing to lose, they’re playing the Patriots who are expected to win the best team in the world right???Collier: Yeah.

David: So, the Rams are gonna come out guns blazing I believe.??Collier: I, I, you know what? I agree with ya, I’m not sure that this Patriots’ defense is as good and one of the things is I think that the Patriots are phenomenal, phenomenal! In tough situations where they have the conditions, the cold weather, they, they, where there, there’s something going against them like it was in Kansas City, but guess what? I agree with ya Tom can flat out sling it.

David: Brady had a terrible game, probably won’t have 2 bad games in a row, the Patriots gonna have to have some magic, which they probably will. ??Collier: And we’re.

David: I mean it’s time.??Collier: Hold on, you and I are complete idiots we’re sitting here telling you every reason they’re not gonna win.

David: But, who lost last year? ??Collier: Well the Patriots, well they’re gonna lose again this year ‘cause the Rams, Rams, Rams.

David: I’m going Sean McBay, listen we didn’t spend all that money to beat the Saints, to then go lose the Super Bowl.??Collier: Yeah, no, no, the Saints well that’s the question who do they the Saints’ pull for in this situation right?

David: Oh, I don’t know.??Collier: I mean they’re just mad.

David: You just missed how I slipped that in there. ??Collier: Yes.

David: We didn’t pay all that money to beat the Saints and then lose the Bowl.??Collier: It’s like Alabama right? Paying money, it’s just.

David: Alabama it’s just.??Collier: All we’ve done is pay money.

David: They’re just better.??Collier: We just don’t pay enough, do we Ashley Miller? I mean, I tell you what.

David: Ashley Miller is not a ‘Bama fan, I don’t think.??Collier: But look at these guys, look at these guys, well no, no, Ashley Miller’s clearly not a ‘Bama fan.

David: I don’t think she is.??Collier: It’s a he, He!

David: Well, I don’t think he is.??Collier: Yeah, he is one of the best agents down in Auburn and Darren James down in Louisiana, one of the big agents man, he’s going Huge! Never have I been watching the game.

David: Nobody’s watching.??Collier: Who that? They we’re watching.

David: And where’s Darren at???Collier: He’s down in Louisiana.

David: Oh, ok yeah.??Collier: Now in your back rouge, Denim Springs.

David: Yeah, Darren you got robbed.??Collier: Hey.

David: I mean no doubt, no doubt you got robbed, that’s a foul all day.??Collier: (Laughter), yeah, yeah that’s Cam Newton was a deal at a 180 thousand.

David: Actually yes, Cam, the Cam purchase was definitely well worth it and, and might I add the coach of the year Jean Chisek.??Collier: Yeah.

David: He never let that die.??Collier: He’s a great one.

David: I’ll never let that die.??Collier: Jean Chisek, that’s funny.

David: Coach of the year.??Collier: Yeah, Darren James that’s right, that was, his town is.

David: That’s where he’s at.??Collier: Do you remember that town that flooded a few years ago in Louisiana? ‘Cause the interstates were built up and basically created a.

David: Bulk.??Collier: A river?

David: Yeah.??Collier: Right that was Denim Springs, that’s his home, he even took.

David: Denim Springs, Denim Springs as a, I’m not sure Darren knows, you’ve heard of Christy Solar down there or Louis Thaxton in Louisiana? They both work for Fairway.

Collier: Oh, Fairway Independent?

David: Yeah, Fairway Motors.

Collier: Darren, do you work with Fair, Fairway at all down there?

David: Great people, Christy Solar and Louis Thaxton.

Collier: Now are they? Is Fairway down at?

David: Yeah.

Collier: There it goes.

David: Yeah, Darren knows Kristy, you work with Kristy? Love her, love her, she’s great.

Collier: Phenomenal! Yeah, Gelly Van Haferway in Auburn?

David: No.

Collier: He works with her.

David: Awesome!

Collier: Yeah.

David: Yeah tell her I said hello, she’s one, one of, man she’s gotta great story too, which she started off.

Collier: I think he got her to start, no Darren?

David: There you go!

Collier: No Darren, No Kristy.

David: Man and I tell ya, great story there.

Collier: Man, I should be half of that way down there, I’m surprised because you know they won with the, I think the one with the well, how do we get around saying who they are? The one with this, the one with the, the stage coach?

David: She, she is top notch there.

Collier: Stage coach.

David: Well said, well said, no, good.

Collier: Well you said it, I didn’t, they’re, they’re down there in Auburn.

David: Yeah so, we can help you in Auburn though.

Collier: Yeah, he, he’s a good dude.

David: We’re the, we’re the, we are the best! You know you take for granted what, what other companies can’t manage to do well right?

Collier: (Laughter), yeah well and that’s the thing about Auburn, it’s such a tight head, it’s hard to see past that area right? Because it’s such a close community, I mean I remember working there it’s tough, I mean that’s why if you’re down there, you just go with an agent that’s been there and knows everybody and everything, but here you go Darren’s saying, say.

David: Yep, started working there at Lays (inaudible), yeah Fairway’s a great company, she and she really I mean her story from, from where she started, she just started in a small bank doing, doing you know farm loans I believe and she’s just.

Collier: (Laughter), farm loans in Denim Springs? I’m shocked!

David: She’s killing it now.??Collier: Yeah.

David: Great.

Collier: You know Darren.
David: It’s fun.

Collier: The funniest thing about Darren is, Darren is one of these guys that’s a very manly man, use to be years ago, was a police officer and all this or a state trooper, guarded the Governor, all these things manly stuff and then you get him talking and what is Darren? One of his biggest passions he loves Mickey Mouse and Don, and Disney World big time.

David: You got it.

Collier: You wanna get him excited take him to Disney World.

David: (Laughter).

Collier: I’m just saying an honest thing, the most masculine man who loves Disney World.

David: Oh, that’s funny.

Collier: Oh, that is funny.

David: That is a small world yeah, that is I mean, I’ve got some stories while hanging out with Kristy when she first started with us, that’s funny.

Collier: I’m loving everybody’s laughing, listening to the Kristy Solar show.

David: That’s right! Kristy Solar maybe she’ll tune in.

Collier: Well man, I, we sure hope everybody has a good week, don’t forget, he says he loves him some Disney.

David: Yeah, enjoy the Super Bowl this weekend and enjoy this weather, it’s gonna be beautiful.

Collier: It’s gonna be beautiful, school’s probably gonna be out.

David: Hey and like I said we are one day closer to March, which I you know, it could get colder it always does in March a little bit, but definitely good weather.

Collier: Closer to cruise timeee!

David: Right around the corner in March.

Collier: Well and the other thing is if you a be the Happy Hour, don’t forget to check out our podcast edition anywhere you find great.

David: Pod.

Collier: Great pod.

David: That’s what Collier says.

Collier: That’s Apple podcast, Google podcast, Stitcher, everywhere you can find it.

David: We are kind of a big deal, so just you know pass it along share this.

Collier: Share this, hit the like button, check out the Facebook page, also our YouTube channel subscribe to that, catch some updates there.

David: Yeah, yeah any real estate or mortgage questions let us know, be happy to help!

Collier: And we, a lot of, we’ve, we’ve heard from folks of, you know that have send us messages, we’ve, we’ve answered them all here so, anyway hope you all have a great week! Thanks to everybody that commented Bruno, Darren James, Ashley Miller, all you guys, love ya, we’ll talk to you next week! ??David: See you guys.??Collier: Bye bye!

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