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We admit that the term "Professional Photography" can mean different things to different people. Our Mega Team views the term to mean a full time photographer whose only job is primarily shooting photos of real estate in the Great Birmingham area. Just because you pay someone to take photos of a home doesn't make them a "professional". The term "professional photographer" almost never applies to a photograph taken by a real estate agent who enjoys photography as a hobby and shoots their listings.

Other than price, photography is the MOST important factor in selling your home! We have a professional photographer that will take photos of you home to highlight the features, show the floor plan and give prospective buyers an overview of the home without having to step foot inside. The photos provide a virtual open house, available 24/7 online without agents having to show your property at 3am.

See the two sets of pictures below and you can compare the work of a professional real estate photographer and those taken by a real estate agent, photos at the same house. While the agent's photos are decent, they do not have the "POP" nor the "composition" that the professionally shot photos do. See what you think!

Professional Photographer (Mega Agent Provides)

Professional Photographer


Normal Real Estate Agent

Real Estate Agent Photos

 5 Reasons Professional Photography is SO Important!

1. Professional photographers know exactly how a photo should be composed. Much like one of the great "renaissance era" painters, a professional photographer that specializes in real estate, will define the subject of the photo and the important elements that are included and ensure the right architectural elements are included in the photograph.

2. A home that is properly staged and then professional photographed will emotionally connect a prospective home buyer to your home.

3. A Professional photographer makes absolutely sure that the lightning and proper angles are perfect so that the home looks as captivating as possible to prospective home buyers. 

4. Over 88% of prospective home buyers surveyed by the National Association of Realtors said that they wanted to see accurate - professionally shot photos of homes and that the photos impacted the decisions on which homes to visit. 

5. Professional - Full Time - Photographers can be quite expensive but we find that hiring a PRO is one of the most important aspects to get your home sold FAST and for the MOST money. Our Mega Team provides for and pays for the service of only Birmingham's best photographers that specialize in real estate photography and these expert real estate photographers utilize the latest cutting edge camera technology.  

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